Tanglewood Steps Up Again!

Submitted by Ruth Barron

The Veterans Group and the Dog Owners Guild want to thank all the residents who supported our Memorial Day Picnic.  As you know, the purpose was to raise money for the Vet Dog Program of Southeastern Guide Dogs.

All the food was donated by Hometown America, Publix, and Alan Holmes. Joyce Boivin volunteered her time and God-given talent to entertain us.  We did a 50/50 that raised a lot of money.  Nicholas, Carol Breton’s emotional support Collie, was a big hit.  He went around with Carol wearing his backpack, and over $230 was stuffed in his backpack.  Nicholas says “Arf” – Thank You.  Thanks also to Sybil Holz for making all the cakes.

We sold 345 tickets, and feeding that many people is no easy task.  We thank the whole crew that helped us.  All those people were fed in about one hour.

Yesterday, I received a check in the mail for $200 from a young man we know who wanted to support our cause.  He is not a Tanglewood resident, but when he heard what we were doing, he said it was time for him to start “Paying It Forward.”

Cash Match !

Tanglewood residents enabled us to make a donation of $3,678 (the final number) to the Vet Dog Program.  Since Southeastern Guide Dogs has an anonymous donor who is matching all money given to the Vet Dog Program until June 30th, our donation will be doubled.  Thank you, Tanglewood!!


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