Bean Bag Baseball Returns June 12!

The summer session of Bean Bag Baseball commences on Wednesday, June 12th @6pm in the Clubhouse. No experience needed! This will be an OPEN PLAY format and NOT league play.

Please arrive around 5:45pm to DRAW YOUR CARD to see what team and court you will be playing on. See Bob (me) at the table near the Tech booth when you arrive.

To accommodate those wishing to play with friends/spouse, you may be in groups of 4 only since we as always are striving to have residents meet new people….and help new players to learn the game. This will be a very relaxed fun session that is FREE to play.  No sign up at this time is needed, just show up if you want to play.

There will be 1 throwing line during this preseason, we will try 22ft this week.

League/Team Captains: Team roster sheets will begin to be available for your use.  No hurry on filling your team yet, check out all them rookie players!

Next Bean Bag Baseball date is: Wednesday, June 26 @6pm.

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