2019 TAL JUNE Artist of the Month

Tanglewood Art League
Loretta DeWitt June of the Month Artist


Loretta DeWitt is shown above working in her Tanglewood studio. The untitled artwork, above, is an experimental piece. Loretta likes to inspire and challenge the viewer. Her artist statement follows:

“I love to create art that will allow the viewer to see and find images in my work that are unique to the viewer only. I really enjoy sharing my art vision with someone that believes they know little of nothing about art!”

In 2008 Loretta and a small group of like-minded artists started our art league, first known as the Tanglewood Fine Art League. She was a charter member and became the first elected secretary.

There was no gallery or guidelines or designated meeting area at the time. Loretta and the officers of the newly formed art league started from scratch and paved a direction for what is now known as the Tanglewood Art League consisting of fifty one members.

TAL meets monthly and has regularly scheduled programs, workshops, showcases and exhibits throughout the year.

Loretta DeWitt is a consistent contributor to the success of the Tanglewood Art League. She exhibits art, created in various mediums, monthly in TAL’s Community Room Gallery.

Members have benefited from a number of workshops Loretta has given. One workshop focused on creating sand dollar art assemblages. Each participant was encouraged to create their own expressive statement.

The sand dollar art is part of a mobile project which was developed over many months. It is installed as a permanent display in the center of the Community Room Gallery. Be sure to check it out!


Loretta DeWitt is shown here demonstrating clay modeling techniques in a clay workshop held on September 19, 2016 in Tanglewood’s Arts and Crafts Room. We appreciate Loretta’s willingness to share a unique perspective on art, and we wonder what she will come up with next!

Loretta DeWitt’s display of creative art will be on display in the Tanglewood Clubhouse Showcase for the month of June. You may also view other artworks by Loretta in the Community Room Gallery this month. Enjoy!


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