Water Volleyball Residents vs Staff

Water Volleyball Upset Win

Friday afternoon at the pool was well attended as the ‘Championship Water Volleyball Game’ between the Tanglewood Residents and our Manager, Tammy Martin, and her staff. Around 1:00 pm the players began to arrive with some wearing colorful swimwear, an obvious deterrent for the ‘other side’. Also, to  to get a ‘feel’ for the conditions they were about to be subject to during the games. Fortunately, no rain clouds in sight.
The Pool; very wet and a little slippery on the bottom in places where they might be standing. Water temperature was around 85 degrees, which made it refreshing as your toes and ankles became submerged with the rest of your body ready to soak in the cool water on this hot blistery afternoon.

The Staff Team had been looking forward to this day for quite awhile. And why not, as they were getting paid while ‘playing in the water’!  This year they would settle for nothing less than a total victory over the ‘Tanglewood Residents Team’.

Game 1: Beginning with a ‘shallow’ court advantage, the Staff Team lined up in the three foot water section, as the ‘home team Residents found their place in the deep end.  Each team had an average of 21 participants. The first volley lasted nearly 90 seconds as the ball bounced back and forth at least twenty times before it hit the water. It was a great game that showed teamwork for the Staff Team which gave them their first victory over the Residents Team.

Game 2: Swapping sides, the Staff Team learned quickly how difficult it could be to volley while standing in over four+ feet of water. Spectators and a few grand-kids retrieved the out of bounds balls which bounced in, on and under the pool lawn chairs. The Residents Team won the second game. Scores now tied one/one for each team.

Game 3: The Rout… a term meaning a disastrous defeat over your opponent. This game was a complete blowout as the smell of a white streaked creature became stronger with each serve. On any given day, the Residents Team had years of water volleyball experience over the Staff. They knew where to stand, how to volley, to set and to win. But this was not that day. There was one advantage the Staff Team had over the residents on that hot afternoon. Some call it STAMINA, also known as YOUTH!

Ugh! The Residents Team had lost their youth long ago and with this being a third game, their stamina was running on empty, whereas the Staff Team was running on Adrenalin, Testosterone, and, oh yeah…Youth. Determination was also somewhere in the mix. Both teams enjoyed the comradery and getting to know each other on a friendly basis.

Game 4:  Swapping sides again with the Staff Team now in the deep side,  it was a close game with great volleys but yet another victory over the Residents Team.

Final Scores:    Staff Team: 3 wins one loss        Residents Team:  1 win and 3 losses

The new Water Volleyball Champions for 2019 Summer games goes to

The Tanglewood Staff Team


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Pam Batey

Moved to Tanglewood in August 2016, with husband, Steve and dog, Maggie. Retired Paramedic, now continuing my hobby writing short stories and information in the "You and Your Health" Section of the newsletter. Active Member of Tanglewood Community Church.