Most Dangerous Fireworks

Firecrackers Here?

The fourth of July is a time of celebration, bringing families, neighbors, and pet owners together for a night of revelry sometimes involving alcohol. Even if you don’t mix the alcohol with the explosives, the 4th of July is the most injury-prone holiday out there, with 240 people making a trip to the emergency room with fireworks-related injuries every day during the month surrounding Independence Day.

Remember that rogue classmate who would travel a state away for those extra loud firecrackers which annoyed the crap out of all of us? Today, though, your Average retiree can both afford and have easy access to enormous pyrotechnics previously only available commercially.

Although you don’t have to travel to a fireworks show anymore to see beautiful aerial displays, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. In the hands of amateurs, fireworks can cause injury and even death. Here’s a list of a few of the most dangerous fireworks.

  1. Public Display

So the professionals don’t always get it right. Maybe you thought that taking the grandkids to a public fireworks display would be a safer alternative to blowing things up in your own driveway. You’d be only partly right. Public display accounts for 4-percent of all fireworks-related injuries, which is surprisingly high considering these are the people who supposedly know what they’re doing. 

  1. Fountains

Opting for fountains in lieu of explosive devices actually makes statistical sense. Only 1-percent of all fireworks related injuries are related to fountains. To put that into perspective, though, there are still 100 people out there who have had a fountain mishap this year alone. So no, mom, they’re not entirely safe. But they’re the safest of the most dangerous, we guess.

  1. Multiples

This is any firework attached to more fireworks, usually on a string. So, primarily firecrackers. Who thought this was a good idea anyway? Know what teenagers like more than one firecracker? One hundred firecrackers! This category accounts for a whopping 22-percent of all fireworks-related injuries. 

  1. Roman Candles

Next, the infamous roman candle of course makes this list. You know, the firework that dad insists on holding even though the label explicitly says ‘DO NOT HOLD’. Yeah, that one. Roman candles cause 4-percent of injuries every year, which is no surprise given how people use them. Did you ever wonder what would happen if that thing backfired…?

  1. ‘Kid’ Fireworks

Snakes, smoke bombs, poppers. You know the kind. You buy the grandkids a bag and let them have at it in the July heat. You’d have to be pretty dumb to injure yourself with these, but since our audience can include the younger ones here, that might make sense. These account for 5-percent of all injuries. A worthwhile sacrifice. After all, how else can we teach kids the American tradition of blowing things up?

  1. Illegal Fireworks

Maybe they’re illegal for a reason…? If it sounds like the name of a machine gun, it probably falls under this category. These things account for 6-percent of all injuries, which is no surprise given their sole purpose in life is to explode and report and strongly as possible. Go figure.

  1. Mortars

Who knew that giving consumers unrestricted access to commercial grade fireworks was a bad idea? These are the things that you put in a tube, light, and run away from to watch a firework in the sky that’s maybe a little too close for comfort. Unsurprisingly, these things cause nearly 10-percent of all injuries, because where dumb people are, the improper use of fireworks will surely follow.

  1. Bottle Rockets

Another timeless favorite, the bottle rocket. Teenage boys love them, moms hate them. Considering I personally know of three or four people in my circle of friends who have had mishaps with bottle rockets, it’s unsurprising that these make the list. Surprisingly, though, these only account for 2-percent of injuries. Those were our Indiana friends of course.

  1. Sparklers

Sparklers? We’re joking, right? Well, when you give small children 2,000 degrees of burning stick and tell them it’s a ‘toy’, you’re in for a lot of trouble

These wonderful little beauties are responsible for nearly 20-percent of all injuries. Adult supervision definitely required.  You should also be sure not to let them pick up any fireworks off the ground as well. 

Make sure to keep watch on your friends and neighbors while they play this Independence Day, so that you can be sure to intervene if they unintentionally find themselves at risk for being harmed. Or better yet, just go outside, sit in your front yard and look up. There’s bound to be Red White and Blue sprinkles all over the sky followed by a large boom near here. 

Keep your pets inside your home. The sounds from July 4th fireworks can cause any animal to want to run away from the noise.  If this happens to you, Sun-N-Lake Security will help you find your precious furry friend. They’ve already had calls of missing pets due to those early celebrators with fireworks. I wonder if anyone makes ‘pet headphones’?

Play it safe, and keep your pets indoors during the ‘rockets red glare’. Your might also want to check your flagpole the morning after, as proof from the night, your flag is still there.  Have a safe 4th of July here in the land of the free and the home of the brave…   Proud to be an American… okay, did Lee Greenwood’s song just pop into your head? If not, you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day.

Happy Independence Day!


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Pam Batey

Moved to Tanglewood in August 2016, with husband, Steve and dog, Maggie. Retired Paramedic, now continuing my hobby writing short stories and information in the "You and Your Health" Section of the newsletter. Active Member of Tanglewood Community Church.