TWRTimes June Contest Ends, July Starts

The summer contest has had its opening inning.  On June 1st, we hid a garden gnome named Gnorman and put a clue  to

Gnathan, the July Gnome

his location in the pages of the newsletter.  Four people found the little guy, and at Coffee on July  1 the winner’s name was drawn out of the traditional hat.  Congratulations to Rick Jenckes and Jan Nicoline, winners of a $50 cash prize!  Other folks who found Gnorman were Heather Paine, Russ Ryan, and Cathy Brunelle.  Thanks for looking!

Since that was such fun, we’re doing it again with a different gnome.  Meet Gnathan.

There’s a limerick clue (thanks to MaryLee Cipriano) hidden in the TWRT.  Find the clue, follow it to find Gnathan, and LEAVE HIM THERE.  Just send his location to to be entered into the drawing in August.

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