A Festive Fourth, For Sure

Stars and Stripes Forever

It was kind of a long day for Diversions members, but holidays are made for fun, and we know how to deliver.

The  Golf Cart Parade started out promptly at 9:00, and wound through all the neighborhoods except the Outback before returning to the Clubhouse.  There were 30 carts in the parade, mostly decorated up with bunting, flags, and dogs.  Thirty carts doesn’t sound like a lot, but most of the carts had 2 or 3, even 4 riders.  Grandchildren and great-grandies were all smiles and cute outfits.

At 1:00 the party moved indoors for a game of Bean Bag Baseball.  Around 80 players came and cheered one another on, including a couple of folks playing for the first time.  A special shout-out to Ann Roberts who scored a Grand Slam!

Quick fast forward to 5:30.  The hall has been reset into the Mother of All Pot Lucks.  170 people had signed up to come, and a rough count

The Dessert Tables

came up with 153 actually present.  And there was food, and there was food, and there was more food yet.  Everyone was called to the buffet tables within 25 minutes.  The Dessert Tables alone covered the whole length of the hall!

Singing the National Anthem

This event was a cooperative effort of the Pot Luck and Diversions Committees.  We thank all the workers, especially Merry Mary Fulton-Kelly for the music beforehand,  Ken Kabet for the sound, MaryLee Cipriano and Betsey Ellis for devising the Trivia for calling the tables.  And the Bean Bag Guys for moving the tables.  We also thank the Decorating Committee for the table bouquets and bunting,  Everything looked great.

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