TWRTimes Summer Contest – More $$ to Give Away!

The  July contest is now over, and the winner’s name was drawn at Coffee on Monday.  Congratulations to Jim and Patty Dingus, happy

Patty and the $50 prize

winners of a $50 bill!  The TWRTimes is your official source of news and fun features in the Tanglewood Community.

Gnelson Gnome

We have one more month to play, and another $50 to give away in September.  Here’s the deal, in case you haven’t played before:  We have hidden a garden gnome named Gnelson somewhere in Tanglewood.  He’s in someone’s front yard, visible from the street.  To make it easier for you to find him, there’s a clue embedded somewhere in the pages of the TWRTimes newsletter – yes, the same newsletter you’re reading right now.  Look all through the pages until you find the clue.  (There will be another picture of Gnelson, so you recognize the clue. )

Once you find the hint, all you have to do is figure it out and go looking for the gnome.  When you find him, Leave Him There!  and send us an email at to get your name put in with the winners.

If you’re interested, last month’s clue was embedded in “States Well Stated – Arkansas”, and Gnathan, the July gnome, was at 3661 Broken Arrow.

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