Announcement: August 2019 Monthly Activity and Event Schedule

MONDAY MORNING COFFEE—Enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut in the Clubhouse on Monday mornings from 8 AM to 8:30 AM. *BADGES REQUIRED*

If you are new to Tanglewood, please join us at Monday Morning Coffee at the Clubhouse, and sit at the Welcome Table (look for the yellow sunflower on the table). We look forward to meeting you!

*Remember if you are unable to come up to the Clubhouse for Coffee, you can turn to your Comcast Cable channel 195, and watch from the comfort of your own home.

Thursday, 1st Book Club Planning Meeting – 10:00 am, Community Room
Friday, 2nd Nu-Hope Donation Truck at the Clubhouse – 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Tuesday, 6th National Night Out- 6:00 pm, Clubhouse
Thursday, 8th Bunco – 6:30 pm, Clubhouse
Tuesday, 13th Food Drive
Tuesday, 13th Potluck – 5:30 pm, Clubhouse
Wednesday, 14th Blood Drive – 9:00 am-2:00 pm
Wednesday, 14th Movie – Breakthrough, 2:00 pm, Clubhouse
Friday, 16th Staff Vs. Residents Water Volley Ball – 1:30 pm
Saturday, 17th Country Breakfast – 8:00 am, Clubhouse
Saturday, 17th Dance – Gary & Shirley Daniels, 7:00 pm, Clubhouse
Thursday, 22nd Ladies Luncheon—Ruby Tuesday
Thursday, 22nd Bunco – 6:30 pm, Clubhouse
Tuesday, 27th Suds & Buds Party – 2-4 pm, Pool Veranda
Wednesday, 28th Let’s Talk Tanglewood – 2:00 pm, Clubhouse
Friday, 30th Happy Birthday Everybody – 2:00-4:00 pm, Clubhouse

For all Non-Emergency calls to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Department. Please call 863-402-7200.

Hey Y’all! Darlene here, it’s great to be back in Tanglewood! I’ve enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, thanks for the warm welcome back!

Just wanted to touch on a few things, we now have a Resident Concern form you can pick up at either the Clubhouse or the Business Office. This form is completely confidential, we do need you to put your name and phone number on there for our records and any questions we may have concerning your issue.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Let’s Talk Tanglewood at the end of this month. The date is August 28th at 2:00 pm in the clubhouse.

Also, it’s that time again! Staff vs Residents Water Volleyball! August 16th at 1:30 PM, looking forward to seeing everyone there cheering the Staff on!

The Beautification Recognition is at the home of Jack and Carolyn Freeman 3912 Rain Dance, Congratulations!!

This beautiful yard and well-groomed home is appreciated by all our residents. The judging includes a well maintained yard, clean exterior of the home, as well as maintained plants and shrubs.

Each month we will recognize a home with beautifully maintained yard. The Award sign will be in the yard for one month. A resident committee chooses a yard each month, and there are several guidelines they must follow.

The Ice Cream Social that was originally scheduled for August 10th will be rescheduled to September as we are having both National Night Out and The Happy Birthday Everybody Party where Ice cream will be served.

No need to fret we will still have a movie and a pool side party. See the following for details.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON MOVIE: Please join us on Wednesday, August 14th, at 2:00 pm for an afternoon movie. Popcorn and sodas will be provided. The movie will be “Breakthrough.”

Movie Summary: After a 14-year-old falls into a frozen Missouri lake, his adoptive parents refuse to give up hope on their son, lying unconscious in a hospital bed. The boy’s mother prays intensely and inspires others to pray for him too, as she asks God for a miracle in this true story.

SUDS AND BUDS PARTY: Tuesday, August 27th, 2-4 pm, on the Pool Veranda.

For this party we would like you to invite all of your neighbors (especially those new to the community) and friends to come out and spend some time with Suds and Buds.

Entertainment will be Tanglewood’s own DJ Gary. Hometown America gladly provides beer, wine, soda, and entertainment for this event.

All residents and registered guest are welcomed.

Red Hot Babes group meet the 1st Monday of every month at 11:00 am in the Craft Room.


  • Wednesday
  • August 14, 2019
  • 9:00 am– 2:00 pm
  • Sign up on credenza

Come ride with us on Mondays and Thursdays. We leave at 9:00 am from the Petanque parking lot.

SINGLES AUGUST SCHEDULE (plus park events, check the book)

  • Tue 6, 9:00 am Dimitri’s (Breakfast)
  • Wed 14, 1:00 pm Sebring Diner (Just-for-fun Luncheon)
  • Sun 18, 1-4 pm Game Day (Craft Room)
  • Tue 27, 5:00 pm Don Jose (Birthday Dinner)

The Singles Group is a Social Club, gathering together for fun and fellowship.

No Officers! No Dues! No Obligations! Pick and choose the events you want to attend.

Pick up a schedule in the book or contact: Gerry Dewing – 385-4605 /

TWRTimes Summer Contest News
You guys are catching on! In June we had to wait 3 weeks to have a correct sighting of Gnorman Gnome, and by June 30 we had four potential winners. So we renewed the contest and in July we got our first correct answer right on July 1, and several more since then!

So we’ll do it one more time. Check the TWRTimes for information, and rules for finding the August gnome. He’ll be hidden in someone’s yard, visible from the street. There will be a clue to his location somewhere in the TWRTimes.

Find the clue, and follow it to find Gnelson. LEAVE HIM THERE.

Just email the exact location to, and be in the running for a $50 prize to be given out at Coffee on Sept. 2nd.

The updated directory is being printed by LifeTouch, and should be received in late July.

Distribution to 591 residents in the 2018 and 2019 directory starts after Monday Coffee, or by appointment with the Lowry’s @ 863-382-6170.

Please leave a message so we can call you back.

Special thanks to Bob Clarke for a new cover design, Bob Larocque for computer help, Ruth Phillips for photo day sign-in coordinating and many unnamed helpers contributing to its success.


  • Get your Special Events season tickets from Billie at the Activities Office.
  • Cost is $80.00 per resident.

$90.00 per non resident.

“Cool off” with the music of Gary and Shirley Daniels duo at the Tanglewood Clubhouse Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 7-10 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission $5 for residents with badges, non-residents $6. Bring own snacks and beverages, ice provided.

There has been some discussion between residents and management to offer a Trunk Or Treat right here in Tanglewood. What is Trunk or Treating?

During trunk or treat events adults decorate the back of their cars for Halloween, load up on candy, and come sit in a parking lot for kids to “trick or treat” from car-to-car.

Our plan is to invite the children of Sun N Lake Elementary School to attend this event. We are also planning on having a Hay Ride and Cake Walk.

What can you do to help this activity be a success?

  • First of all we will need people to decorate their trunks and distribute candy.
  • We will need candy donated to be distributed from the trunks.
  • We will need some cakes baked or purchased for the cake walk.
  • We will need volunteers to work to help assist in different areas.

There will be a sign-up sheet on the credenza beginning August 1st. If we have enough volunteers, we will move forward with this event.

If you have any questions or for more information, you may contact Carolyn Friello at or Billie in the Activities Office.

May 2019 Sales Numbers Hometown America

  • Homes Closed, 3
  • Average Sale Price, $46,333
  • YTD Homes Closed, 35

Visit the professional Tanglewood Sales Staff to plan your home sale. The “season” is right around the corner!

Come out and join us on August 8th & 22nd in the main hall. Cost is $5.00 to play. All money is paid back in prize money.

Doors open at 6:00 pm, play starts at 6:30 pm.

ID badges are required to play.


  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • Arrive 11:00 Eat 11:30
  • Order from the menu and pay there
  • Sign up on the credenza

Wow widows will have their August Lunch on August 15th at The Olympic Restaurant in Avon Park.

We leave clubhouse at 12:30 for a 1 PM lunch.

If you need a ride please call Annette Di Mare – 863-382-8769.


  • Tuesday, August 13th
  • 5:30 pm, Clubhouse
  • Sign up on credenza

Bring your own beverage, place setting, utensils and a dish that will serve 12.

We received a nice Thank You from Faith Lutheran’s Food Pantry supervisor for our donation from the last Second Tuesday Food Drive.

We will have our next collection on August 13, and this one will go to Hands for the Homeless in Avon Park.

Thank you all for remembering to set out your sacks of non-perishables every month. It doesn’t cost us much, but it means a LOT to those who receive our donations.

Remember all those comedy skits in variety shows? The “Gone With the Wind” spoof on The Carol Burnett Show? Remember “Scarlett” waltzing in wearing the dress made out of the drapes? Complete with the curtain rod? If you enjoyed things like that, why not be a part of one?

On November 1 and 2 Diversions will be presenting “Comedy Tonight”, a collection of skits, parodies, and maybe even some stand-up comedy.

Don’t want to be on-stage? Why not be Rose Marie or Dick Van Dyke and try your hand at writing? Or help out back stage?

Watch for the sign-up sheets early next month. Casting will be done at the end of August, and rehearsals will begin after Labor Day. Rehearsals will be scheduled around the actors’ time, and with small pieces, rehearsal times will be short.

Why not come have fun with us? Just ask the actors from our last show (“Moving On”) how much fun putting a show together can be.

And speaking of having fun, we’re still taking applications for the Lip Sync Contest on October 19. $10 will register your team, and guarantee no one else will do “your” song.

Every dime we make goes to the Heartland Food Bank for their Christmas Food Drive. Contact Shirley Kabet for details:

There are only FIVE tables left for the Craft and Hobby Fair on November 9. $5 will get you one. Contact Shirley Kabet at

By: Ingra Gardner, MA
Summertime…This one season represents different things to different people.For children, itmeanfrom school responsibilities. For parents, it may mean stocking up on sunscreen and planning vacations. For some seniors, however, summer represents something far less joyful:, loneliness, and difficulty accessing goods and services.

During the hot summer months, many seniors leave Highlands County. When they leave, they take with them the peer support system for those seniors who remain behind.

Central Florida is well known as a haven for snowbirds- people who have their permanent residence up north but come to Florida to avoid the cold winters.Once the temperatures begin to warm, snowbirds leave their Florida homes and return north.

While there are no definitive statistics on the number of snowbirds in Highlands County, a 2005 study conducted by Stanley K. Smith and Mark House of the University of Florida revealed that 5% of the seniors returned north to their permanent residence at some point of the year. The vast majority of snowbirds leave the south by the first day of summer.

This migration of our snowbird population is what most of us think of when we notice a decline in traffic on our highways, shorter lines in our stores, and empty spaces in our parking lots.

However, another group of migrating seniors may actually have a greater impact: sunbirds. Sunbirds are those who primarily live here, but who leave the area for 30 days or more. Surprisingly, the study revealed that twice as many sunbirds leave Florida in the summer as snowbirds.

In all, it is estimated that 20% of our counties’ population is seasonal, with a significant portion of those being seniors who leave the area during the summer. For most seniors who remain behind, the impact is minimal. However, for those who rely heavily on friends and neighbors for social interaction, transportation, and assistance, the sudden loss of so many seniors in such a short time period can result in considerable hardship.

As the designated Lead Agency for Home and Community-Based Services, it is not uncommon for NU-HOPE Elder Care Services, Inc. to receive calls concerning a senior who is experiencing a crisis due to the summertime loss of their support system. While our agency works hard to address each situation, we know that resolutions are easier to achieve and more satisfactory when addressed early on, prior to the situation becoming critical.

What You Can Do
This summer, NU-HOPE Elder Care Services encourages everyone to be aware of the isolation that may occur during these hot summer months, and to make an extra effort to identify those who may be in need of assistance. If you know of a senior who does need help and are uncertain what to do next, please feel free to contact NU-HOPE Elder Care Services at (863) 382-2134 to discuss the situation and options available.

Charles Bowden once said, “summertime is always the best of what might be.”By working together and reaching out to those who need our help, we can make this sentiment true for all within our community.

For additional information, please contact Ingra Gardner at (863) 382-2134 or via email at

Ingra Gardner is the Executive Director of NU-HOPE Elder Care Services, Inc, the designated Lead Agency of Home and Community-Based Services and Older Americans Act provider for both Highlands and Hardee Counties. Visit their website at

TIME: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Have you heard the latest secret?? On Friday, September 6th, NU-HOPE Elder Care Services is turning time back to the Roaring Twenties.

For one night only, the NU-HOPE Speakeasy Soirée will offer all modern-day Flappers and Gents an evening filled with prohibition fun and excitement.

At the Speakeasy, you will find elegant 1920s décor, a live Big Band and DJ playing the latest hits,gaming, a photo booth, champagne fountain, cash bar, wonderful hors d’oeuvres, a live auction, and great raffle prizes.

The NU-HOPE Speakeasy Soirée take’s place at the Jack Stroup Civic Center at 355 W. Center Avenue in downtown Sebring from 6-10 pm.

Tickets are just $75 per person or $100 per couple. Pre-purchase of tickets is strongly encouraged. Sponsor packages are also available.
All proceeds will be used to enhance services for seniors and caregivers living here in our community.

So grab your Flapper and Gangster outfits and join us on Friday,6th, for an unforgettable evening at the 4th annual NU-HOPE Speakeasy Soirée.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact NU-HOPE at 863-382-2134 or via email at

If you are interested in participating in our book club, join us on August 1st at 10:00 am in the Community Room for our planning meeting. We will discuss a book list for Sep 2019 – May 2020 Club Season. It will be the beginning of a VERY EXCITING year for all avid readers of the Tanglewood Community.

When you come, please bring your thoughts on potential books to be considered by the group for our 2019-2020 Book Club Season.

If you are away for the summer or unable to attend our planning meeting in August, please e-mail your thoughts and we will include them in our planning discussion in August. If you have no input but want to participate when you return, send a note to me, let us know you are interested, and we will include you in any communications that are sent out. Include your name, e-mail address and phone.


  • The House Of Mirth by Elizabeth Wharton
  • A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
  • Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
  • I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara
  • Etched In Sand by Regina Calcaterra
  • Beneath A Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan
  • The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly
  • The Ladies of Seneca Falls byGurka
  • Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler
  • Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah
  • My Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabet Strout
  • Church of Spies by Mark Riebling

**For more information please contact Judy at 941-451-0394 or


  • Kripalu Yoga Class, Tuesday, 3:00 pm, Activity Building
  • Toning Class, Wednesday, 3:00 pm, Activity Building
  • Chair Yoga, Thursday, 1:00 pm, Clubhouse
  • Meditation, Thursday, 2:00 pm, Craft Room
  • Aqua Yoga, Friday, 9:00 am, Tanglewood Pool
  • Fee is $3.00 per person
  • Aqua Yoga is a free class
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