Happy Birthday, Everybody!

The Diversions Committee (Just for Fun!) is inviting all Tanglewood Residents to a Birthday Party on August 30.  There will be cupcakes and ice cream, and of course, silly birthday party  games.  Who remembers Charades?

The fun starts at 2:00.  Remember when you were a kid, and you dressed up for a party?  Girls wore frilly dresses and socks with lace on the cuff.  Probably you had a bow in your hair, too.  Little boys had clean button-down shirts and either shorts or slacks, depending on where you lived.  Your hair was combed and slicked down.  Okay, we’re not asking for that.  Just come.

What’s a birthday party without presents?  If you like, bring something to help out an elementary school teacher in her class.  It’s no secret that teachers aren’t paid enough, and they always buy supplies out of their own pockets.  Suggestions are dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Kleenex, crayons,  pencils, or gift cards to WalMart.  Cash will also be accepted gladly.

There is a sign-up sheet on the credenza so we know how many cupcakes to order.  We’re asking $1 per person, and that will also go to buy gift cards for the teachers.  There will be a 50/50, we’ll give out half the money and use the other half for WalMart cards for the teachers.  We thank you for participating.

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