TWRTimes Summer Contest Continues

By popular demand, the TWRTimes Committee has extended the summer contest at least one more month.  This time, we’ve hidden Gnick the Gnome somewhere in the park.  He’s in somebody’s front yard, visible from the street.

Gnick, the September Gnome

To make it easier to find Gnick, we’ve secreted a clue to his whereabouts in our newsletter.  Find the clue, and it’ll lead you toward the location of the gnome.  When you find Gnick, LEAVE HIM THERE, just email his exact location to  I’ll send you a confirmation email.

Russ and his $50

All correct responses will be put into the lucky hat and one winner’s name will be drawn on October 14,  We’re giving you an extra week because this contest was delayed by the anticipated hurricane.  There’s a $50 cash prize riding on this contest, so get going!

Here’s the lucky winner of the August contest:  Congratulations to Russ Ryan!

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