Refocused! (Part 1 of 4) “Consider This!”

Refocused “Consider This!” (Part 1) Haggai 1;1-15

Theme: When God’s people put Him first, they are blessed.

Introduction: Haggai is second only to Obadiah in brevity among the O.T. books, but it contains four strong sermons that are used to bring the people to an understanding that circumstances get difficult when people place their own selfish interests before God’s. In his first message Haggai instructs the people to consider three things.

Conclusion: God called on His people to consider their attitudes that were producing actions that neither pleased Him nor glorified Him. God let them know up front: He was not concerned or interested in their excuses or explanations – Just in their obedience! Only that would bring them blessing once again. God is still saying the same thing to us today.

Listening Guide Refocused! Consider This! Part 1

Refocused! Sermon September 8, 2019 (Due to technical difficulties no Sermon was recorded)


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