Meet Gnoah, the October Gnome

Gnoah, the October Gnome

The TWRTimes Committee just keeps on rolling.  We have one more month in our summer contest.  This time, you’re looking for Gnoah, a wizardy gnome with a pumpkin.

He is sitting in someone’s front yard, visible from the street.  When you find him, as always we tell you to Leave Him There !  Just email his location to  All correct responses will be put into a hat and on November 4 we’ll draw the winning name for a $50 cash prize.

It’s a big park, where do you look?  Ah, we put a hint into the TWRTimes.  Hidden somewhere on our newsletter is a small picture of Gnoah and a hint to his location.  We want you to look all through the publication (we’re sneaky that way).  When you find the hint, you’ll have an idea of where to look for the gnome.

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