Word of the Week

An unusual word is taught every week, complete with pronunciation and definition.

My Word! February 26

Quoll Kwal Noun A small spotted marsupial found in Australia and New Guinea It is amazing that this species survives since the northern male quoll dies after mating a single time. This dates back to 1770 and comes from the Australian aboriginal language Guugu Yimidhirr word je-quoll for the little critters.

My Word! February 5

Napoo Na-poo Adjective A British slang term meaning finished, done, dead, over, terminated (you get the idea). Teresa May’s political career is napoo at this point. Oddly enough our cousins across the Atlantic somehow got this one from the French phrase il n’y en a plus , meaning it is done or over.

My Word! January 29

Murine Mu-rine Adjective Of, like, or pertaining to mice and/or rats The scientist was constantly constructing new and more elaborate mazes for the rats to run in the course of his studies of murine intelligence. Yes it’s ultimately from Latin and goes back to 1607 in English.  I suspect London.

My Word! January 15

Knickknackatory or knick-knackatory Nick-nack-ato-ry Noun A repository or collection of knick-knacks. As Zelda started trying to dust her shelves, she realized her living room had become a knick-knackatory. Merriam Webster gives the word history as being a combination of knickknack and atory – which is pretty darned obvious.

My Word!

JoinderJoin-derNounThe joining of parties such as plaintiffs or defendants in a lawsuitDefense attorneys for the Lotto brothers filed for joinder of the separate cases asking the Court to try them together.Staring the New Year with something that does NOT come from Latin. This one comes from the French joinder, meaning to join and was first…