TMAC Minutes, November 2017

New Chairman Howard Salles called us to order at 3 PM for the regularly scheduled meeting of the Tanglewood Master Activities Committee.  We rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Representatives of 24 committees were present, and a larger than average audience.

The Minutes of the October meeting were approved, Warren Smith, moved, Bob Larocque seconded.  Passed unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Reports were handed out for review.  Those committees that were inactive over the summer months did not get a Committee Report if there was no financial business.

Tammy Martin gave the Park Manager’s Report.  She met with representatives of the Water Volleyball committee and some residents who had some complaints about their schedule.  Tammy decided not to change the established schedule.

Billie Pimentel-Lopez gave the Activities Director’s report.

  1. The Thanksgiving turkeys will be distributed Monday after coffee, please do not disturb the Monday Coffee Committee while they are cleaning up.
  2. Be considerate when the hall is booked end-to-end.  Don’t overstay your reserved time and don’t show up early when another group is finishing up.
  3. The dinner tables for Thanksgiving dinner cannot be set before Thursday morning, because there is a regularly scheduled event in the hall on Wednesday night.
  4. The Business office will be closed Thursday and Friday, but open on Saturday and Sunday. The Activities office will be closed Thursday – Sunday, but Billie may be in and out for Light Up Tanglewood.
  5. December events involving Management: Street dance 12/13, 2-5;  Movie & popcorn, 12/19, 2 PM;  Golf Cart Parade,12/14, 6 PM, they will provide the snacks after; 12/27, Let’s Talk, Tanglewood!, 2 PM.  12/31, they’ve ordered the tablecloths for the New Year’s Eve dance.
  6. Billie remind us that she is willing to help committees in any way needed.

LouAnn Weix mentioned that at one of their big dances last year, an earlier event in the hall used all the ice, and they had to scramble to buy some at the last minute.  Can that situation be avoided in the future?  Tammy agreed, let her know when a big function is scheduled, and if there are more than one back-to-back they will bag ice in advance so everyone has enough.

The Committee Reports came next:

  • BINGO – more and more players are coming, and the jackpots are growing.
  • COMPUTER CLUB – the next meeting is 12/1 at 2 PM. Topic:  Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update.  The Maintenance Committee is doing well.  New members welcome.
  • COUNTRY BREAKFAST – Saturday the 16th is sold out. They will most likely sell out every meal all winter, so get your tickets for January at the Dec. 18 breakfast.
  • DANCE – Saturday Jay Smith will be the talent, and the 50/50 will go to the RV club’s food drive. 9, it’s Larry Musgrave’s farewell visit to Tanglewood.  Bring a toy, gift card ($15 to Walmart) or cash for the Children’s Advocacy Center.
  • DECORATING – Becky Arth is the new Secretary/Treasurer. They decorated for the New Resident Social, Special Meals, and the lobby.  Next up:
  • DIVERSIONS – has been busy. They introduced “Screw Your Neighbor” (card game), and a Jazz Night.  The Broadway Lights Theater Company produced “Who Killed Jani Rachelman?” to two overflow crowds.  The Craft Fair was very successful.  This Friday we have another Jazz Night, then the Garage Sale on the 24 and 25.  In December, there’s another Screw Your Neighbor on the 6th and the Christmas Golf Cart Parade will be Thursday, 12/14.  Optional fun:  bring a wrapped white elephant gift to the parade for an exchange.  Chairman Bob Larocque says it’s time to upgrade the mics and battery packs.  Tech Support Chairman Howard Salles  agrees some mics are better than others, and some of the technical problems were due to people not turning off their mics when they went offstage.  And special Thank YOU to Greg Plank and his crew for setting up chairs for the plays and the Craft Fair.
  • GENEALOGY is starting up their new season with an invitation to all folks interested in finding their forebears.
  • LIBRARY is again playing Book Bingo – pick up your free playing sheet in the Library. And they will have the usual tables full of books for sale at the Garage Sale. They thank Hometown America for loaning them some strong men to move the heavy boxes of books out of storage.
  • MODEL YACHT CLUB sails very Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM and 1 PM.
  • MONDAY COFFEE keeps ordering more and more donuts. There will be NO Coffees on 12/25 or 1/1.
  • PETANQUE the next tournament will be Dec. 2. They are currently working on some safety issues on the courts.
  • PICKLEBALL welcomes the snowbirds back. Next meeting, Dec. 14.
  • POTLUCK thanks all participants. Next one:  21.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD still plays every Monday – Friday at 10 AM, come and learn. Equipment for open play is in the shed.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS welcomes new Chairman Bruce Eberly, with the retirement of Tom McKeever. There’s a show on Sunday.
  • SPECIAL MEALS fed the maximum number of bodies last night. There will be no Meal in December, but tickets for the January 16 Ribfest will go on sale in early December.  They thank the Decorating Committee for the lovely tables.
  • TABLE GAMES are going well, more and more people are joining in.
  • TANGLEWOOD ACTORS’ GUILD is planning a Fashion Show on March 2. More volunteers are needed to make this happen.
  • TECH SUPPORT reported that they have asked Hometown to get new big screens for the clubhouse. The request has been pushed back from 2017 to 2018.
  • TENNIS plays Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM. More hours will be added as the snowbirds come home to roost.
  • TRIPS AND TRAVEL successfully took us to Mount Dora and Key West. Next up, Myrtle Beach, IKEA, and the Mystery Dinner Train.
  • com is seeking more Sports writers. We’d like to have one representative from each of the sports games – Shuffleboard, Cornhole Baseball, Volleyball, etc.  We remind residents of our Classified Ads section, the best way to sell a service or unwanted item.  Finally, any Committee running an event really should send us information about it so we can help publicize it for you.
  • WATER VOLLEYBALL thanks Tammy for supporting the committee.
  • WELCOME – no report
  • WOOD AND GLASS – Steve Batey is the new Chairman. The new glass classes are filling up fast.  They will also be offering a trial, modified stained glass class, to give you a chance to try the craft.   Mandatory Orientation and Safety Classes will be held in the Wood Shop on Friday 11/24.  Thanks to Cindy, Melissa, Lori and everyone else for handling the Snack Bar at the Craft Fair.

Howard welcomed two new Chairmen – Steve Batey (Wood and Glass) and Bruce Eberly (Special Events).  The TMAC Room at the Garage Sale needs a couple more volunteers to ensure success.  Sign up on the credenza.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  The Financial and Bylaws review committee will be ready for their report soon.  The 2017 Wall of Fame nominees are due 11/27, the committee will meet in early December to select the new honorees.

NEW BUSINESS:  Tom McKeever sent a letter of resignation to the chairmen.  (Attached).  Motion to accept his resignation was reluctantly made by Ben Davis and seconded by Dave Bernella.  Passed with regret, and best wishes going forward to Tom and Loraine.  Howard Salles ascended to the Chair, and asked for nominations to replace him as Vice Chair.  The only name suggested was Bruce Eberly, who accepted the call.  Congratulations, Bruce.

More on the Volleyball question:  There were complaints made to Tammy that Water Volleyball was using too much time in the pool when others could not use it.  Tammy met with representatives of the Committee and the complainants.  She decided the time was not excessive, and the community at large had  a goodly amount of time to enjoy the water.  Ingrid Strope spoke from the audience, noting that visitors, especially children, had no access to the pool on holidays or Sunday afternoons.  Volleyball Chairman Ben Davis replied they never play on major holidays, ever.

Motion for adjournment came from several people; the next meeting will be December 20 at 3 PM.

Submitted for approval,

Shirley Kabet, Secretary
November 15, 2017

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