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Unlikely Heroes (Part 8) Going from ordinary to extra ordinary (Mt.10: 1-4)

Introduction: We have been asking ourselves, “What kind of people does God use?” To answer this we have examined each of the first 11 men Jesus chose to be the most intimate with. We have tried to learn all we can about them as we have attempted to see how their personalities and characteristics fit into the Lord’s plan. Today we come to the final apostle who stands out from the others in several ways. (Always listed last, but due to an act he would perform he would become one of the most famous of all the apostles.) His name …

Conclusion: Judas Iscariot, in his attitudes and actions, is a classic example of a false believer.  May God give us the courage to examine our hearts and repent of any such traits! And be sure today we are in a genuine, personal relationship with Christ!

“Unlikely Heroes Part 8” Sermon March 3, 2018 

Listening Guide Unlikely Heros Part 8


Unlikely Heroes (Part 7) Going from ordinary to extra ordinary (Mt.10: 1-4)

Introduction: In this study, we have met some very ordinary men who were willing to give their all to Jesus. They turned their backs on their professions, lifestyles, homes, personal goals and even personal rights, all to follow Christ and to become what God planned for them to be “Unlikely heroes!”  They started out disciples and one verse later they were Apostles. This is significant because not every learner becomes a sent one. In fact, there were many disciples who did not make it simply because of a lack of total commitment. But these men in this study were committed to the Lord. Their stories inspire us, and we’re about to meet three of these men who most people know very little about.

Conclusion: What kind of people does God turn into unlikely heroes? God chooses to use the small, young, obscure people without powerful personalities. People, who receive the truth, people who are zealous for the kingdom and YOU! People who are committed to the Lord will do extra ordinary things by His power!

“Unlikely Heroes Part 7” Sermon February 25, 2018

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 7


Unlikely Heroes (Part 6) Going from ordinary to extra Ordinary (Mt.10: 1-4)

Introduction: In this study we are looking at twelve special men chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ to be His disciples and then His Apostles, proclaiming the gospel of Christ and changing the world. We are seeing God can do extra ordinary things with only a few ordinary men.

Conclusion: Remember, God is not limited by man; it is man that tries to limit God. What are you willing to become for God?

“Unlikely Heroes Part 6” Sermon February 18, 2018 

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 6


Unlikely Heroes (Part 5) Going from ordinary to extraordinary (Mt.10: 1-4)

When the Unqualified are Qualified Enough 

Introduction: In looking at the twelve disciples of Jesus, we have discovered there are three groups of four men that make up the 12 disciples. We have seen those who were in the most intimate group with Jesus, today, we move on to the second group of disciples

Conclusion: God can take any raw material available and transform it into what He can use because He is in the business of making the most out of the unqualified. What could He do with you?

“Unlikely Heroes Part 5” Sermon February 11, 2018

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 5


Unlikely Heroes (Part 4) Going from ordinary to extraordinary (Mt.10: 1-4).

The Men Most Intimate with the Master

Could God want to use me to change the world? Could He use me to preach His gospel, build His kingdom, and bring people to Christ? What kind of people does God need to do these great things? It may surprise you to know God chooses to use very ordinary, unlikely heroes like you and me to do these very extra ordinary things. We’ve already seen what He can do with person like Peter, now let’s meet the rest of group one, The men most intimate with the Master.

Conclusion: After spending time with Jesus, these unlikely heroes could and did do great things for God. So can you!

“Unlikely Heroes Part 4” Sermon February 4, 2018

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 4


Unlikely Heroes (Part 3) Going from ordinary to extraordinary  (Mt.10: 1-4)

How does God build a leader?

How does God build a leader? Peter is the key to understanding the answer to this question. But before we just focus on Peter, I want us to take one more look at the twelve.

Conclusion: So how does God build a leader? He makes the right choice. Then He takes someone with the right raw materials, puts him/her through the right experiences, gives them the right lessons to learn, and He comes out with an unlikely hero and leader like Peter. And oh what a leader Peter turned out to be! His leadership is seen throughout the first 12 chapters of Acts.

Could you be the kind of leader God is looking to develop and build up?

“Unlikely Heroes Part 3” Sermon January 28, 2018

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 3


Unlikely Heroes Part 2 Going from ordinary to extraordinary (Mt. 10:1-4)

Realizing God Can Use You

Have you ever wondered, “What could God ever want with someone like me?” I believe we have all asked that question a time or two in our lives. That is why it is important for us to see how Jesus called, converted, and commissioned the disciples into Apostles, so we can take courage ourselves, in what God wants to do with us.

Conclusion: These men will be honored for all of eternity – not for what they were, but for what they were willing to become!

“Unlikely Heroes Part 2” Sermon January 21, 2018

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 2


Unlikely Heroes Part 1  Going from ordinary to extraordinary (Mt. 10:1-4)

What was Jesus greatest miracle?

While Jesus did many great miracles, Jesus greatest miracle was when He called, converted and commissioned 12 common ordinary men to Himself and through His power in them turned the world upside down! While Jesus values every human life, He invested more in a few. (Luke 6:12, 13 Mt 10:1-4) tells us Jesus prayed all night and then called, converted and commissioned certain men. Over the next several weeks I want us to take a closer look at these twelve and what happened in between (v. 1 and v.2) that took these ordinary men and changed them into unlikely heroes and extraordinary men. “If you are looking for purpose in your life and significance; you’re going to find compelling… inspiration through the lives of these men.”

Conclusion: Jesus greatest miracle was when He called, converted and commissioned 12 common ordinary men to Himself and transformed them into extraordinary men, unlikely heroes He used to turn the world upside down – and He wants to do it again with you and me!

“Unlikely Heroes Part 1” Sermon January 14, 2018

Listening Guide Unlikely Heroes Part 1


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