HIStory (4 of 4 Parts)



HIStory (Part 4) Jesus: His Victory  (Jn. 19:30 -20:30)

Introduction: In a sudden turn of events, this Jesus whom the disciples had believed was the Christ, the Son of the living God had been arrested, beaten almost beyond recognition and hung on a cross between two thieves. Certainly questions ran through their minds – And like one whose world has crashed feeling as if they have lost everything – they wondered – what now? What was HIStory?

Conclusion: If today, you want to turn your sorrow into joy, your desperation into determination, and your old life into the beginning of new life…

You can by doing as those disciples did – Receive and believe His word, by putting your faith and trust in “Jesus as the One Who Defeated Death!” and brings us victory through His resurrection power!

HIStory is one of victory for Him and because of Him; it is a story of victory for us as well!

HIStory Part 4 Sermon April 1, 2018

Listening Guide 4 HIStory

HIStory (Part 3) Jesus: His Humility (Isa. 53:1-7; Jn. 1:29)

Introduction: As great as the virgin birth, incarnation and unique life of Christ may be, these are not in themselves sufficient to meet man’s needs. This is because salvation does not come through the birth or life of Christ, but only through His humble death. So, as we look today at “Jesus: His humility we’ll see the importance of the prophecy, purpose and provision of His sacrificial death.

Conclusion: Because salvation comes through the humble sacrificial death of Christ – we see that the importance of the prophecy, purpose and provision of His sacrificial death is that it is sufficient to bring complete salvation to all sinners, freeing them from the penalty and power of sin over them and bringing every sinner back into right standing and fellowship with God!

HIStory Part 3 Sermon March 25, 2018

Listening Guide HIStory Part 3

HIStory (Part 2) Jesus: His Humanity (John 1:14)

Introduction: When Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us – not only did He allow us to relate to God, but in Jesus God can also re-late to man. Therefore, by taking on humanity, Jesus became the true God-man. In order to fully understand all this we must take a look at the incarnation, its explanation, some illustrations and finally the application (what difference does all this make to us?). Let’s start with John’s gospel and…

Conclusion: In Jesus, God did more than just reveal Himself to man; He acquainted Himself with us by becoming flesh just like us. And now He is our sympathetic high priest – having displayed such a love as that, how can we do anything but turn to Him, trust in Him and walk with Him as Lord?

HIStory Part 2 Sermon March 18, 2018 

Listening Guide HIStory Part 2

HIStory (Part 1) Jesus: The Eternal One (Mt. 16:13 -17)

Introduction: Christianity differs from all other religions because it is more than a religion – it is the life of Jesus (The Christ, the Son of the living God (v.16) made living in man. Christ is Christianity and Christianity is Christ! In our text, Jesus asks His disciples (follow-ers) two very important questions, “Who do men say I am?” and “who do you say I am?” In order for a person to answer these questions, they must settle the issues of His identity, eternity and deity.

Conclusion: Knowing what we see and believe is what we do… We have to ask; what does my life say about what I believe about Jesus today?

“HIStory Part 1” Sermon March 11, 2018

Listening Guide HIStory Part 1



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