Petanque…Kings & Queens Tournament 2019

Queens ‘A’ Flight Do It Again!!!

The Petanque Committee held their annual Kings & Queens Tourney this past Saturday with the Queens ‘A’ Flight laying a whooping on the Kings ‘A’ 13-4, taking the crown AGAIN and extending the ladies streak to 3 years as Champs. Holy Dynasty!

In the Consolation ‘B’ flight championship the Kings ‘B’ flight made quick work of the Queen Bees 13-2, in dominating fashion and preventing a sweep by the ladies on the day.

Tournament Coordinator Greg Plank got the Royal Rumble off at 9am sharp, temperature a pleasant 65F, partly cloudy with barely a breeze out of the east at 4mph.

This particular tourney is actually 2 tournaments in one with the Kings on one side duking it out with each other, while the Queens on the other side battling against other Queens teams. To avoid any byes, the Petanque Committee decided all teams will consist of 5 players, instead of 4, which definately put a different spin on game play.

Four rounds later and a 15F uptick in the temp, we have our finals set with the Kings and Queens ‘A’ flight (who have gone undefeated all day) meeting up for the overall Championship. The Kings and Queens ‘B’ flights meet up in the Consolation Championship with just one loss on the day, in the first round.

Let’s not forget the Petanque Grill Team with Master Chef Neville ‘Hot Diggity Dog’ Carr, and his awesome assistants Kathie Carr and Paul Seifert. Great job team and thank you!  Nothing like the aroma of grilled dogs making its way across the courts. As always there were 50/50 winners with Ruth Ann Yantis and Len Comrie raking in everyones cash.

Introducing the Grand Champions Queens ‘A’ Flight from left to right….Janice Arden, Anne Eberlin, Sue Bryant, Evalyn Gust, and JoEllen Seifert. Congrats ladies on  a perfect run in the tournament, no easy task. This was the best Queens team this reporter has seen in 7 years….just ask the Kings.

Our ‘B’ Flight Champion Kings team was also a very tough and talented team with scoring power at all positions in their lineup. The King ‘B’s are from left to right…Bob Arden, Chuck Doolittle, Jerry Donaldson, Bob Bryant, and Barry Radaweic.

Yes, there were some husbands and wives who were both on the winning teams this day, Bob & Sue Bryant and Bob & Janice Arden. Whatever you are doing….keep doing it, congrats!

The Petanque Committee would like to thank all those who helped set this tournament in motion….without all pulling as a team, these fun events don’t happen.  Thank You!

Petanque plays daily at 1:30pm at the courts in random ‘pick up’ fashion. New players are always welcome, its an easy game to learn, come out and join in on the fun.

The next tournament is another biggie and player favorite….The ‘Pick Your Own Team’ Tournament on March 2.  Watch for details in the coming weeks.

See You At The Courts!


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