New TMAC Committees Being Formed – Sign On

Friday – The Last Day To Sign Up 

This Friday is the last day to sign up for one of the 25 volunteer committees that make up The Tanglewood Master Activities Committee commonly known as TMAC. 

Experience is not a factor; enthusiasm and a desire to help is all that you need.  Every committee member learns on the job; and it’s fun! 

You don’t have to sign up in order to participate, but someone has to make it happen.  Why not you? 

Whether you have been here for 15 years or 15 days, you have something to offer to one or more of our committees.  You may not know what; but we’ll find out. 

Elections for committee officers will be held on Monday after coffee.  A schedule of new committee elections has been posted in the Clubhouse.  

Do your part to keep Tanglewood the envy of 55 and over communities across Central Florida. 

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