The Entrance of the King, Sunday April 14, 2019

The Entrance of the King  (Matthew 21:1-11)

Theme: The kind of king Jesus came to be (King of our hearts)

Introduction: Jesus never wrote a book. Yet, more books have been written about Him than anyone else who ever lived. Jesus never traveled more than 100 miles in any direction. Yet, people have traveled to the far reaches of the earth to proclaim His name. Many have even looked at Jesus with an inquisitive glance. He is interesting, unusual even unique. But, who is He? On that first Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem surrounded by a great crowd of followers and others. He entered as a King. This was the only time in His ministry that Jesus actually planned and promoted a public demonstration. Why did Jesus plan this demonstration? For one thing, He was obeying the Word and fulfilling the prophecy recorded by the Old Testament prophets (Isa. 62:11 & Zech 9:9). For another thing, (and more importantly), this was to be Jesus final appeal to His own nation and people he came to seek and save, to not only receive Him, but to believe upon Him. The climax of Jesus entire earthly ministry was at hand. His hour had come! The purpose for which He came was about to be fulfilled – Jesus came to go to the cross to save sinners (you and I)! This is the message of Palm Sunday! But, the people who gathered to welcome the King, didn’t really know or receive Him for who He really was at all!  Jesus has been invading many people’s lives for years and creating quite a stir and yet many are still unaware of who He is! (Notice three things this morning that will help us not only receive Jesus as King, but also believe upon Him as our King…)

Conclusion: We live in a day and time when many see Jesus as a religious figure, leader and great teacher. Many come to worship services week after week to hear about Him, be stirred by Him and yet still do not know Him for who He is. This Psalm Sunday Jesus showed up like that first Palm Sunday. And He is more than an interesting, unusual, even unique individual. But, who is He to you? Today, He comes seeking to enter your heart and life as Savior, Lord and King of your life – will you believe upon Him and receive the entrance of this King as your King today?

The Entrance of the King Sermon April 14, 2019

Listening Guide The Entrance of the King

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