Things You Probably Never Cared to Know About Arkansas

The first European settlement was established in 1686.

“Arkansas” is a French interpretation of a Sioux word “acansa”, meaning “downstream place”. Which means the name has nothing to do with either Kansas, or Noah.

Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15, 1836.

Arkansas gave the country both Wal-Mart, and former President Bill Clinton. It is also home to the annual National Hog Calling contest.

Arkansas is a mineral treasure house. Crater of Diamonds State Park gives visitors a chance to search for precious gems including diamonds, amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, and quartz.

In 1901 the apple blossom was designed as the State flower.

The official State bird is the mockingbird as of 1929, thereby pre-dating Game of Thrones’ use of the mockingbird as the sigil for a really bad guy who was killed in season 7. (Yes, your author is in Game of Thrones withdrawal.)

In 1939 Arkansas settled on the pine as the State tree.

The official State mineral was designated as Bauxite in 1967, while the diamond was designated as the State gemstone. For some obscure reason, Arkansas also felt the need to name an official State rock – quartz.

In 1973 they designated the honeybee as the official insect.

In 1985 milk became the official State drink. That same year Arkansas named the fiddle as the official State instrument.

In 1987 the South Arkansas vine ripe pink tomato was named the official State fruit and blossom. After that Arkansas ran out things to make official State anythings.

Scott Joplin, Johnny Cash, and General Douglas MacArthur were all born in Arkansas.

Gnathan, the July Gnome

In French, it means “bottom of the bag”
When your arrow breaks, it’s such a drag!
You’ve got to be scheming,
Don’t spend your time dreaming.
Find me!  50 Bucks ain’t no drag!

Clark Bluff, Arkansas is the main supplier of chalk in the USA.

In July, the average State-wide temperature is a balmy 81.4 degrees. Before you get too excited, in January it’s 39.5 degrees.

Mountain View, Arkansas is one of the leading producers of hammered dulcimers in the world. It is virtually impossible to learn the play the hammered ducilmer if one is dyslexic.

Speaking of Mountain View, every summer they host a re-creation Pioneer village.

And…the world spinach capitol is in Alma, Arkansas.

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