“Moving On” Readers Play

Great Entertainment

Friday and Saturday evening the Diversions Committee and Theatre on a Dime presented the play “Moving On“. It was one of their best performances. Written and directed by Betsy Ellis, who watched from ‘afar’ as her crew and actors provided the audience with a genre of emotions. One minute there was comedy and the next a touch of drama. Near the end of the first act, Cora, played by Mary Lee Cipriano, did a great job with the ‘good-by’ scene during Friday’s performance. During the same scene on Saturday, she nailed it! There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.

Lee, played by Polly Grant, was a natural with her witty blunt humor. She played to the crowd bringing tears from laughter throughout the entire show. You just never knew what was going to come out of her mouth.

John, played by Bob Larocque, did an outstanding job for a dead man’s part. His humor and gestures were right on que as he nearly drove the next door neighbor crazy.

Elle, the neighbor, played by Lourdes Crapo, brought the house down with laughter several times with her animated personality as she and John bantered back and forth trying to figure out what was happening to them.

Having attended both performances, it was interesting to see and hear how the audiences reacted to different scenes. Even so, they all had good things to say during intermission, which was a huge success as the audience lined up for “Free’ drinks and one of Sybil Holtz’s famous coffee cakes.

ACT Two:  Several viewers were overheard whispering quietly to one another when they realized in the last scene that Elle had ‘joined’ John in the afterlife. It was a perfect mix of humor, drama and a little mystery towards the end.

When the play ended and the final curtain closed, the cast reappeared and introduced each other. At that time, Bob Larocque presented writer, Betsy Ellis with a bouquet of fresh flowers as a thank you from all the staff for her hard work, patience and time spent rewriting the play as it came to life.

The winner of the fifty-fifty drawing nearly missed out on the prize due to removing her glasses and not being able to read the numbers. In case you’re wondering, there were 736 cheese balls in the jar. Personally counted by producer Shirley Kabet.

Congratulations again to ALL who participated in making this an evening that will probably be talked about on Nextdoor before church service on Sunday morning.

Be sure to watch for their next production ‘Comedy Tonight‘ on November 1st and 2nd.

PS: Didn’t that cat sitting on the stage look REAL to you??? Meow!

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Pam Batey

Moved to Tanglewood in August 2016, with husband, Steve and dog, Maggie. Retired Paramedic, now continuing my hobby writing short stories and information in the "You and Your Health" Section of the newsletter. Active Member of Tanglewood Community Church.