Refocused! (Part 4 of 4) “More than a Building, it’s a Kingdom”

Refocused! “More than a Building, it’s a Kingdom” (Part 4) Haggai 2:20-23

Theme: God is building something eternal, we should join Him.

Introduction: As God encouraged the Jewish people when they were discouraged, to stay on the job and finish the work. He promised them if they would do this with clean hearts and hands, He would bless them. And on the same day, He came with some special words of encouragement to Zerubbabel their leader who no doubt was at his end point. And because God’s word is both eternal and timely – we can find encouragement for us in these same words God had for Zerubbabel.

Listening Guide Refocused! More than a building, it’s a Kingdom! Part 4

Refocused! Sermon September 29, 2019


Refocused! “Two part recipe for Reward” (Part 3)   Haggai 2:10-19

Theme: God’s requirements of holiness and obedience

“Repent and Obey Jesus “

Introduction: It is December now and the people expected material blessings the day they started working on the temple. But it has been three months from the time the people have decided to start building again. Two months since the last sermon and things are still difficult. Haggai comes with a third message from the Lord to explain why God has not yet blessed them. He will tell them, it is simply not enough to do God’s work; God insists that those He uses to accomplish His work must have pure hearts and clean hands! To illustrate his point, Haggai comes with a question for the priest.

Conclusion: This message of Haggai is a two part recipe for reward. – Repent and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus!

Listening Guide Refocused! Two part recipe for Reward Part 3

Refocused! Sermon September 22, 2019


Refocused! “What’s Behind us is not important” (Part 2)  Haggai 2:1-9

Theme: God’s people cannot live in the past, we must build for the future.

Haggai, the Prophet

Introduction: It has been just over a month since work has resumed on the temple and worship is on its way to being restored when the people grow discouraged – and God sends a three part message to keep the people focused.

Conclusion: When you’re working for the Lord, times of discouragement will come, and they do. You can either sit around on the porch waiting for the next check, thinking to yourself – Is this what my life has become? Or you can refocus on the priorities of God, trust in His promises and build for His glory!  “Only one life will soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.” God can turn your discouragement into encouragement – so be strong and let’s go to work with the Lord in this place!


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Refocused! Sermon September 15, 2019


Refocused “Consider This!” (Part 1) Haggai 1;1-15

Theme: When God’s people put Him first, they are blessed.

Introduction: Haggai is second only to Obadiah in brevity among the O.T. books, but it contains four strong sermons that are used to bring the people to an understanding that circumstances get difficult when people place their own selfish interests before God’s. In his first message Haggai instructs the people to consider three things.

Conclusion: God called on His people to consider their attitudes that were producing actions that neither pleased Him nor glorified Him. God let them know up front: He was not concerned or interested in their excuses or explanations – Just in their obedience! Only that would bring them blessing once again. God is still saying the same thing to us today.

Listening Guide Refocused! Consider This! Part 1

Refocused! Sermon September 8, 2019 (Due to technical difficulties no Sermon was recorded)


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