Advertising on Twrtimes – Two Choices

Do you have a product or service you want to advertise on Tanglewood Residents Times (, your online Community Newletter?  Yes, we have Nextdoor Tanglewood but Twrtimes reaches about 4,000 people monthly! There are two ways to run an advertisement on

First way to advertisement is using our Classified section. Since you live in Tanglewood, you can advertise on Twrtimes for free!  Go to, Classifieds, Ad Submission and Terms or follow the directions below and remember to send the information via email to

Free Ad Submission and Terms:

RULES FOR SUBMITTING ADS FOR: Sale, Services, Wanted Articles, Houses, etc.

You must be a resident of Tanglewood.
You must submit the following data in an email to the address below preferably in the order set out below:

    • Ad Title
    • Your Name(s) …. First and Last
    • Your email address
    • Your Contact Phone number(s)
    • Your address in Tanglewood
    • Your item price…
    • Your item condition: New, Excellent, Good, Correct, Used
    • A short description of item or service
    • Attach pictures (in a “.jpg”, “png” or “.gif” format) of your items (up to 4 for each ad)

Submit an email in plain text of your ad and its attached pictures, if applicable, to

All “For Sale” and “Wanted” ads will run for 60 days only. Renewal of these ads will require an email to before the end of the ad’s 60 days.

All “Service” ads will run from October 1st to March 31st and from April 1st to September 30th. Service ads will be removed on these dates and the renewal of these ads will require an email to prior to the ending date of each service ad…

The information contained in this web page is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. The user assumes the entire risk as to the results and the performance of the information provided, and in no event shall Hometown America Management, L.L.C. or Tanglewood at Sun ‘N Lake Master Activities Committee, Inc. be liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages suffered in the course of using the information provided in this web page. Uses of the information contained in this web page are governed by their respective license agreements and may contain restrictions on use.

Second Way to advertise on Twrtimes is on the front page under Sponsor Ads

You or a company can run a sponsor advertisement on the front page of Twrtimes from 2 months to a year or more. We offer this to not only Tanglewood residents but to companies that want to offer a product or service that Tanglewood residents would find helpful.  We will even link your website to your business card. If you can see a hand symbol  when you hover over the advertisement, more information will be forthcoming. The Business cards or Ads will cycle in the Spondor Ads area. For just a donation of $20.00 for 2 months, $10.00 for every month thereafter or $100.00 for a whole year, you should be able to increase your business by getting your name and service you provide out to our viewership.

What do I have to do?

      • Check should be made out to payable to “TMAC” with note for advertising on Twrtimes. Write a note stating your name, address, phone number, email and exactly how long your advertisement should run.
      • Provide a clean, clear business card with all information needed explaining what service or product you provide to be placed on TWR Times. (Can handle up to a 3X3 size card)
      • If you want your business card linked to your web site, just let us know and give us your web site link.
      • Mail to our Twrtimes Treasurer, Nancy Foley, 2119 Bayside Dr. Sebring, Fl. 33872. Any questions, call her at 863-471-6454.


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