Autumn in the Library

Enter the library at your own risk!

What Spells, Potions, and Creepy Concoctions lurk inside that mysterious book? Will that creepy spider attack you? What’s behind that mask inside a wreath? or inside the wreath with the ominous skull and crossbones? With so much fall foliage, the library feels like an autumn garden!

Judy Higgins and Susan Bahrami brought wreaths with personalities. One of Judy’s wreaths has a mask, another has a “Beware” sign. Susan brought the spider wreath. Pam Frohwitter contributed a small watercolor painting. Joe Norton made the little lighthouse.

Betty Bjore showed the Craft Club how to make plunger trees. She brought hers, and also brought two pumpkins.

All the craft items were made by the residents themselves.

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