Engaged (Part 6 of 8 ) The Questioning Lawyer

Engaged (Part 6) The Questioning Lawyer (Luke 10:25)

Theme: Jesus never fears our questions

Introduction: This parable we are about to read is probably one of the best known parables of the Bible. Though it is only found here in Luke’s gospel. However, as popular as it is, it is also probably one of the most misunderstood parables in the Bible as well. After all, everyone knows what it means to be a good Samaritan don’t they? It is to be “A charitable or helpful person.” But, to interpret the parable of the good Samaritan as just a lesson in showing charity and concern for those less fortunate than us would be to miss the whole point of the story and passage!  In our current sermon series “Engaged” we are looking at and learning how to engage with all different types of people like Jesus did.  Today, we see Jesus meets a questioning lawyer who wanted to trap Jesus with a question over the law. How many of you have heard, “Never ask a question that you don’t want to hear the answer to.”? Well, that’s what this guy does…

What did we learn from Jesus:

  1. Arguing religion is useless. We need to show people their desperate need for Jesus.
  2. You can’t share the good news, until people are willing to see their own bad news.
  3. Living the Christian life has nothing to do with being religious and everything to do with having a personal relationship with the Lord.
  4. We are most like Jesus when He is first living in us, so that He can then live through us.

Listening Guide Engaged – The Questioning Lawyer Part 6

Engaged Sermon November 17, 2019


Engaged (Part 5)  The Blind Man Who Saw (Jn. 9:25)

Theme: Jesus brings healing

The Blind Man Who Saw

Introduction: The prophet Isaiah predicted that in messianic times various signs would occur. One of which would be, the Messiah would “open eyes that are blind” (Isa 42:7; cf. Isa 29:18; 35:5). Jesus often healed the blind (cf. Matt 9:27-31; 12:22-23; 15:30; 20:29-34; 21:14). But, this miracle in John nine is notable for at least two reasons. The first is because Jesus had just proclaimed Himself as “the Light of the world” (8:12). And then, as a public demonstration of His claim, He gave sight to a man born blind. And, the second is because John commits an entire chapter to this event which shows its importance. In the event in our text today, we’ll see Jesus interacting with three different sets of people. Someone once said, “To treat everyone the same is the most unfair thing you can do.” The reason it is so unfair is because, not everyone is the same.” In our current sermon series “Engaged” we are looking at and learning how to engage with all different types of people like Jesus did. And we will see Jesus adopted this idea as He deals with three different groups and treats each one differently.

What have we learned from Jesus:

  1. Instead of looking at what’s wrong with people, spiritual maturity looks and thinks about the difference Jesus can make in their lives and takes the time to reach out.
  2. Take time to connect with people one on one. Realize, (80-90%) of our biggest impact will be done at this level.
  3. You can represent and present the truth, to people. But, you can’t make people believe it or receive it (nor is that your job.)
  4. We are most like Jesus when we are reflecting His light into the world to help people see the light of His salvation.

Listening Guide Engaged – The Blind Man Who Saw Part 5

Engaged Sermon November 10, 2019


Engaged (Part 4) Caught, but not Condemned (Jn. 8:3, 4)

Theme: Jesus deals kindly with sinners

Introduction: Do you think Jesus was soft on sin and sinners? Jesus did not treat sin lightly. However, He did address sinners with compassion rather than condemnation. He had no problem calling sin, sin. But, He also called sinners to repentance with the promise of forgiveness and the hope of new life.

In our current sermon series “Engaged” we are looking at and learning how to engage with all different types of people like Jesus did. Today, Jesus is confronted with a woman living in and practicing blatant open sin. Through this encounter, this morning, we learn how to engage with sinners like this, like Jesus.

Conclusion:What have we learned from Jesus about engaging with sinners?

  1. Just because you know about the Bible doesn’t give you the right to beat people up with it.
  2. When you call out sin, make sure your motivation and your methods are to bring about salvation and restoration, not condem-nation.
  3. If you’re going to call out the sins of others, make sure your qualified to do it (jn.8:7; Mt. 7:5; Gal. 6:1) If you’re not. Don’t do it! (Mt. 7:1-2)
  4. When you’re dealing with sinners, we are never more like Jesus than when are doing so in such a manner as to save and restore them by showing and sharing God’s grace with them.

We are to condemn sin! But, don’t forget to share the same grace you were shown by God to other sinners.

Listening Guide Engaged – Caught, but not Condemned Part 4

Engaged Sermon November 3, 2019


Engaged (Part 3) The Wild Man (Mark 5:1-2)

Theme: Jesus even goes to the weird

Introduction: Have you ever had a really strange encounter? I mean the kind that you’ll never forget? Jesus also had a strange encounter.  Now, it’s important for us to remember Jesus never went anywhere by accident. And this day, this place and this encounter were no different. Jesus and His disciples have crossed the Sea of Galilee overnight. And first thing the next morning they are immediately met by a wild man. He is full of demons, living in the grave yard and so strong, he couldn’t be bound because he’s been busting out of his chains and shackles! And on top of that he has been cutting himself and screaming out horrible sounds. Talk about a strange encounter!! Now, there begs another question. Why would anyone want to go see this guy and why would you show kindness to a weirdo like that? I am sure we have all seen and judged at some time or another, “That person is just too weird for me to deal with.” In our current sermon series “Engaged” we are looking at and learning how to engage with all different types of people like Jesus did.No doubt, this guy was too weird for most people to deal with. I would wager to say most had probably written him off as too weird, too far out there but, not Jesus. He didn’t see a weirdo. He saw a man in need and He went to meet him and his need. This encounter emphasizes the great power and compassion Jesus had as He ministered in various places around Capernaum. And, everywhere Jesus went He transformed lives.

Conclusion: What did we learn from Jesus strange encounter?

  1. No one is beyond the help of the Lord.
  2. Everyone has value and worth to the Lord (even the weird).
  3. We need to see the people, not just their problems
  4. And, we like Jesus, are to reach out to even and especially, the unloved, unwanted, unwelcome with the love of God and the gospel message.

Listening Guide Engaged The Wild Man Part 3

Engaged Sermon October 27, 2019


Engaged (Part 2) People who won’t listen (Mark 3:22)

Theme: How Jesus responds to those who won’t listen

Introduction: In our current sermon series “Engaged” we are looking at and learning how to engage with all different types of people like Jesus did.  Jesus was often reaching out to people with the message of God’s salvation. But, many refused to hear it!  Today we see from Jesus, how to deal with those people who just won’t listen! (You have probably never encountered any of those kinds of people). But, Jesus did and here is how He handled it.

Conclusion: The truth is there are going to be plenty of people, friends and family included, who will not accept our testimony.  However, that does not free us from our responsibility of sharing it. Our responsibility is to faithfully proclaim Christ until He comes or takes us home. Their responsibility is to decide whether to accept it or reject it. Here is what we learned from Jesus…

Jesus engaged daily with those who would not listen, but He reached out to them continually anyway.  Let us be faithful to be Jesus, and to proclaim the message of the gospel whenever, and with whomever we have opportunity, whether they listen or not!

Listening Guide Engaged – People who won’t listen Part 2

Engaged Sermon October 13, 2019


Engaged (Part 1) Learning to engage with people like Jesus  (Lk. 7:36-50)

Theme: How Jesus treats the outsiders

Introduction: As we walk through life, we will encounter all kinds of different people. I think we can all benefit from having better people skills, people skills like Jesus. In our new sermon series “Engaged” I want us to spend several weeks looking at and learning how to engage with all different types of people like Jesus did. And I want to begin with how we deal with outsiders (people who are very different from us). I want to start here because, there are times when being religious can keep us from being Christian. That may surprise you, but it is so very true! Jesus had much to say about this concept while in the house a very religious man. Jesus encounter with an unwelcome outsider shows us how narrow minded, religious and judgmental thinking can result in rejection of people. While some will reject others on the basis of religious judgment (Thinking they are better than others). Jesus would rather accept them for who they are, without disapproval or losing patience with them, so that He may reach them with and show them the love and grace of God. Notice how Jesus responds “when the outsider comes in.”

Conclusion: As we walk through this life, we will encounter all kinds of different people. As Maxwell said, “People have a tendency to live up or down to our expectations of them.”And, “The best way to help people is to see the best in them.” (I think we can all benefit from having better people skills, people skills like Jesus). That is how we engage the outsider when they come in!

Listening Guide Engaged – Learning to engage with people like Jesus Part 1

Engaged Sermon October 6, 2019

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