Meet Bill & Sharon Lee

3801 Running Deer (Dreamcatcher)

Phones: 207-649-1013; 207-649-1212

Email: SharonL001@hotmail.com

Bill and Sharon are originally from Waterville, Maine and will be with us year round! They are retired from jobs as a Social Worker and outside sales. They love to walk, play golf, do puzzles and like to learn new things.  We can keep them busy! Welcome to Tanglewood.

Meet Paul & Gloria Ward

3148 Going to the Sun (Big Sky)

Cells: 978-317-6622; 978-744-4094

Email: PaulWa@comcast.net; GloriaWard@comcast.net

Paul and Gloria come to us from Connecticut and New Hampshire and will be with us seasonally. They are retired from health care and as a professional driver. Gloria is an events planner and astrologer. They are musicians and artists and into photography and interior design.  We welcome them to our Tanglewood home.

Meet Joel and Virginia Dumouchelle

1104 Shadow Ridge Drive (Dreamcatcher)

Cell: 480-521-5095

Email: ginyalee@hotmail.com; curleyjo@hotmail.com

Joel and Ginny are from Windsor in Ontario, Canada and will be with us seasonally. He is retired from General Motors as a millwright and seat builder. Joel loves tennis and pickleball.  Ginny is into crafts and sewing.  We are excited to welcome them into our world of Tanglewood!


Meet John & Selena Freeland

3027 Going to the Sun (Big Sky)

Phones: 614-653-4541; 614-579-0640

Email: selena.freeland@yahoo.com

John and Selena are from Columbus OH and will be with us year round starting in Fall of 2020. John worked as a Distribution Manager for an irrigation and lighting supplier.  Selena was in accounting and finance and cooking.  They are avid foodies and Disney fans.


Meet Dick & Lynn Wright

2104 Bayside

Cell: Dick  239-989-2413; Lynn 239-560-1976

Email: Dick+Lynn315@yahoo.com

Dick and Lynn tell us they’re from everywhere…but originally Maine and then also New Hampshire. They are with us seasonally.  They are retired from the ministry and the army.  Dick loves to write Christian fiction; Lynn, a former Kindergarten teacher, loves to do crafts.  We welcome them into Tanglewood.



Meet Mary L. Zeeryp & Dale Merlington Sr

2414 Foot Loose Trail

Cell: 616-206-4306

Mary and Dale hail from Michigan and will be with us year round. Dale is retired from Wolverine Boot and Shoe; Mary is retired from working in health insurance.  He loves football and working in the yard; she loves walking her dog and shopping!  Welcome to our Tanglewood family.





Meet Tim Thompson & Sandy Sommer

2259 Woods and Water Ct (Bayside)

Cells: Tim, 414-405-5757;  Sandy, 414-899-9848

Originally from Milwaukee WI, and of course, fans of Green Bay Packers, Tim and Sandy are year round residents with us. Tim worked for the City of Milwaukee and is retired. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, travel, computers, and home repair. He loves to help others!  Sandy worked as a teacher and in Travel/Tourism. She loves motorcycle trips, travel, darts, boating/fishing, and going to the beach.  She is a people person and likes working with veterans and learning new things. Welcome to our family.


Meet Rich & Kelly Paller:

4160 Smoke Signal (Dreamcatcher)

Cells: 808-781-0089; 808-781-0080

Hailing from St George, Utah, the Pallers will be with us year round. Rich is retired from government work. Kelly worked in Emergency Room admissions at a medical center. Kelly is skilled in home decorating and associated work. They are very happy to be here and appreciative of the warm welcome they have already received.  Welcome to Tanglewood!

Meet John & Paula Dascola (no picture)


Cells: Paula 910-261-8866; John 910-223-0749

Email: PaulaDascola@icloud.com

John and Paula come to us from Stedman NC and will be with us year round. John is retired from Uber/Lyft (Carmax). Paula was a minister in the Church of God and worked as a Customer Rep in Cape Fear Hospital. She also headed up a dance ministry.  They both love to play Hand and Foot. We welcome them to our Tanglewood family.



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