Bean Bag Baseball-Crossover Schedule

Fresh off our mid season bye week, the BBBL resumed play on October 23 with Week 6 and the beginning of the ‘Cross Over’ section of the schedule.  Up until this point, games have just been against opponents within their own league….but now National teams will be facing American teams the rest of the way. This week the National teams had the hammer and were the HOME team for both of their games, so we will cover the action for the National teams court by court.

CT 1…BAG LADIES (Home)  ⚾️ The Bag Ladies had no advantage whatsoever as the home team this evening as they dropped both games to some tough American League visitors. Despite an explosive 7 run outburst in the 5th inning by our beloved Bag Ladies, the red hot Lightning struck late pulling out an electrifying 12-11 win. Game 2 had the Somebodies paying our gals a visit and again the Bag Ladies couldn’t hold the lead, Somebodies win going away 16-9. Bag Ladies drop to 4th place.

CT 2…WS EXPRESS (Home) ⚾️ Our expansion team WS Express have had a tough season so far and certainly no luck. In most games, the Express seem to sputter in the late innings leading to games just slipping away. Game 1 had the rejuvenated 2 time defending Champs Toss Ups pay a visit. Deep in a 5 game losing streak the Toss Ups take it 6-2 getting back into the win column.  Game 2 had a different visitor, the Lightning…BUT the same result. Lightning squeek out a nail biter 9-8 win. WS Express now have their own 5 game losing streak but will be a dangerous team in the tournament with any kind of luck.

CT 3…DYNAMITES (Home) ⚾️  The Dynamites keep blasting away all comers and continue to be the cream of the crop in the BBBL. Game 1 was our GAME OF THE WEEK as the high powered Somebodies tried to throw a wrench into the National League leading Dynamites…not happening! Last inning heroics brought across the winning run in the bottom of the 6th, Dynamites 13 Somebodies 12. Game 2 saw the Dynamites strike early and despite a late 4 run rally by the visiting Pioneers, Cre’s Crew held the fort and take a hard fought 9-6 victory. Dynamites now on a 5 game winning streak, and are pulling away with a 6pt lead in 1st place.

CT 4…BB BUSTERS (Home) ⚾️ Well now, guess who is red hot and on a 4 game winning streak after the evening? Someone forgot to tell the BB Busters that the American leading Grasshoppers were paying a visit. Captain Ann Roberts and her BB Busters chomped the Grasshoppers 9-8, taking advantage of home court and sending a message to the American League. Game 2 had the BB Busters score in bunches dispatching a cooled off Patriots squad who despite scoring 8 runs in the 2nd inning, watched the game slip away.  BB Busters 12 Patriots 10.  With their 7-5 record the BB Busters move into a tie for 2nd in the National…..and are the ONLY team that has beaten the Dynamites!

CT 5…FIRECRACKERS (Home) ⚾️ The Firecrackers got back into the win column by scoring all their runs in 2 innings, including a 9 run explosion in the 5th inning, as they rolled to a 15-7 win vs the visiting Patriots in Game 1. In Game 2 we had the rematch of the Championship game last season with the Toss Ups dropping by to visit the Firecrackers.  The Toss Ups score 5 in the Top of the 6th and steal away a 12-9 victory.  Firecrackers have cooled as of late and now share 2nd place with the BB Busters…both teams trail the Dynamites by 6 pts.

CT 6…BB BURNERS (Home) ⚾️ Scoring all 16 runs in the first 3 innings, the BB Burners blasted the visiting Pioneers 16-5 in Game 1. This seemingly was a turkey shoot as the BB Burners showed  that they are very capable of running up the score on any given night. Game 2 was a different story as the Grasshoppers rebound and take a 9-7 win. The Burners rallied in the 6th but fell short and remain in 5th place in the National.

Next Week the American League are at home and our coverage continues as we head down the home stretch of the regular season.

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