“Best. Show. Ever.” – Comedy Tonight

Scarlet and Rat Butler

It was almost standing room only for the two nights of Theatre on a Dime’s “Comedy Tonight”, November 1 and 2.   On Friday the crowd started laughing right at the first skit and didn’t stop until they got a brownie at Intermission.  Then they started up again  for Act Two.

The concept of a night of short comedic skits was developed by Betsey Ellis, who actually has professional acting chops.  Some of the skits were written by the residents who performed them, two or three were purchased.  Pam Batey, Bob Larocque, and Jay Etherton performed an old Carol Burnett routine, a takeoff of “Gone with the Wind”.

Vitameatavegamin !

Next up was the Vitameatavegamin” skit from  I Love Lucy.  Kudos to Lourdes Crapo, Maureen Baker, Charlie Sellick, and Tony Piermarini.  The audience roared.

Betsey Ellis teamed up with Billie Pimentel-Lopez on two “Conversations with the Cat”, giving non-cat owners a glimpse into the secret thoughts of a pampered house cat.

Bill Rulli and MaryLee Cipriano had the classic “How Not to Buy a Computer” skit.  This one was good…

“Me and the Snake” was a mostly true story related by Shirley Kabet.  Lots of laughs for this one too.

Monday mornings at Tanglewood means donuts.  But what happens when there’s only one treat left, and two women want it?  Ask Maureen Baker, Mitzi Case, and Pauline Leonardo!

Act Two began with “High Finance”, written by Betsey Ellis, and based on a very

Splitting the Check

true luncheon enjoyed by four ladies of a certain age.  Betsey, MaryLee, Shirley, and Pam were the diners, but Lourdes Crapo stole the show as the  long-suffering waitress.  That one was immediately followed by “Choosing the Menu”, which took place in the same restaurant.  “Menu” featured Rody Toth and Mitzi Case, and Lourdes again.

Bill Rulli pondered the mysteries of life with “Professor Y. Izzit”.  This one got some audience participation

And the closing act was a scene from a Florida Motor Vehicle Department.  Rody Toth ran into a bureaucratic snafu when she tried to get a Florida Driver’s License.  The clerks were played by Shirley Kabet and Maureen Baker.

Both nights’ productions were greeted with all positive comments.  I think we can look forward to this being an annual event.

Special kudos to Sybil Holz who made the brownies for Intermission, Ken Kabet in the Tech booth, the Stage Manager Bob Larocque, Backstage and props Bob Baker, Jan Garrison, Jerry Donaldson, Artie Nichols, the Kitchen Ladies, 50/50 sellers, and raffle mongers.

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