Petanque-November/2019 Tournament

On Saturday November 2nd the Pétanque Committee gathered their peeps and held their November tournament under beautiful skies, a light breeze and a very comfy playing temperature.  Captains of the 16 teams consisting of 64 players tossed out their first boules at 9am sharp, with the familiar blast from the air horn by Petanque Chair and Tournament Coordinator, Warren Smith.

Petanque Tournaments guarantee a 2 game minimum, 2 hot dogs, a drink and chips….not bad for $5. Some teams keep winning and play much longer, however a loss AFTER the first round eliminates a team. Now that’s HARSH!  On a brighter note and speaking of hot dogs…A big shout out to our Petanque Grill Team made up of Sally Petit and Bonnie Berta. Thank You Ladies for helping out and working the crowd into an aromatic frenzy!!!  I just love the smell of hot dogs in the morning!

Our 50/50 winners were Chuck Doolittle and Sue Bryant, both $40 richer.

“A” Team Champs

After 4 rounds of play, plenty of laughs, and 14 teams already eliminated….there were 2 teams left standing. Congrats go out to our overall winners from the ‘A’ Bracket, who went undefeated all day…(L-R) Gary Sewell, Janice Arden, Marian Stobaugh, and Bill Burnham (Yay, Pastor Bill!)

“B” Team Winners

On the ‘B’ side of the tournament and having lost only 1 game all day, Congrats to  (L-R) Evalyn Gust, Jim Goff, Laura Keeler, and Charlie Sellick.

As always it takes many hands to put a tournament together. Thank You All for your help. Next tournament is on Saturday, December 7 at 9am.  Watch for more details on the signup which will begin on Monday November 25 at Coffee, and as always at the courts.

Petanque plays daily at 1:30pm on a pick up basis.  New players are very welcome and every Thursday a special ‘newbie’ day is offered to help our new players learn this easy game.


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