Bean Bag Baseball-Week 8

Week 8 of the BBBL is in the books and brings to an end the ‘regular’ season schedule, and finalizes the seeds for our tourney. The SUPER WEDNESDAY Elimination Tournament begins on Wednesday, November 13 with 2 rounds of play, and finishes with the FINAL FOUR, and CHAMPIONSHIP game on November 27. Teams will fall quickly in the tourney since any loss eliminates a team….8 teams will be done by the end of the evening!  Here are the final standings and seeds….

AMERICAN         PTS                               NATIONAL        PTS

1. Somebodies     22  (x)                          1. Dynamites       25 (x)

2. Grasshoppers   21 (y)                          2. BB Busters      18 (y)

3. Patriots            17                                3. Firecrackers     16

4. Toss Ups          16                                4. Bag Ladies       15

5. Lightning          13                                5. BB Burners       13

6. Pioneers          12                                6. WS Express        4

(x) #1 seeds American and National – bye in 1st round

(y) #2 seeds American and National – bye in 1st round



CT 2…Pioneers vs Patriots (Home)

CT 3…Lightning vs Toss Ups (Home)

CT 4…WS Express vs Firecrackers (Home)

CT 5…BB Burners vs Bag Ladies (Home)


ELITE EIGHT @ 6:40pm (approx)

Winners of Opening Round games advance to Elite Eight and will play the Top  seeds in each league….Somebodies, Grasshoppers, Dynamites, BB Busters. See schedule on game night.

Teams play until we have a winner….no ties!



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