Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

So you have a few aches and pains.  So your neighbor’s dog barks all day.   So everyone seems to have his hand out for money or food or your “valuable” time.   So the Packers were beaten last week.  So what?
You’re alive, right?  You live in a beautiful community with so many opportunities for recreation, most of them at no or very minimal cost.

Your cupboards and pantry are full.  You don’t need to go to the food banks every month to get through.  The people across the street invite you over for coffee or dinner because they actually seem to enjoy your company.  Fancy that.  You have at least one vehicle and a golf cart.  What’s not to be thankful for?

Stop your griping.  Look around and see all the good there is here in Tanglewood.  The flowers, shrubs, and trees.  The blue sky and sunshine.  The people who wave at you on the street.  The people who dish out the coffee and donuts on Monday, run the games, organize the parties and bashes.

If you can’t find room in your heart for some gratefulness, you weren’t here when we were watching Hurricane Dorian roar toward us as a Category 5.  That’s past now, have we forgotten?  Already?  Really?

And the Pack will be back.


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