Our Gift To You


The Tanglewood Community Church Choir will be presenting their gift of music to Tanglewood residents and friends on December 15 at 7PM in the Clubhouse.   Please consider this your personal invitation to be in attendance.

As in the past the choir has prepared their gift of special music for this holiday season.  Of course, it would not be a Tanglewood Christmas gift without your voices joining in on the traditional carols we all love.  TWCC Choir members always see this as your gift of to them!

A new twist to this year’s program is in store for all those attending.  Along with the joy of singing, you may be quite surprised to learn how many other members of TWCC have been sharing their gifts with the community inside our gates as well as across Highlands County.

You will not want to miss what your friends and neighbors have given throughout the year.

See you on December 15 at 7PM.

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