Meet Red Manges

2892 Whistle Stop

Cell Phone: 305-743-6078

Email: mmanges544@gmail.com

Red came to us from Marathon in the Florida Keys.  He retired after 50 years from Steel Fabricating Business. Red was in the Navy and is a WWII Veteran. His loves are woodworking, RVing and sailing.  Please Welcome him to Tanglewood!



Meet George & Virginia Bramhall

2709 Whistle Stop

Phone: 315-806-1693

George and Virginia came to us from Syracuse NY and will be with us year round!  Before Tanglewooe Virginia worked with adults and children with special needs at Oswego Co. Boces.  George is retired as a speciality machinist for CNC.  They enjoy the outdoors, fishing, walking, dancing and reading.  George and Virginia are newly weds, married on August 3 !!! We welcome them to our Tanglewood family!


Meet Gary & Lynn Braun

1528 Tanglewood Circle

Cells: Gary 651-503-4113; Lynn 763-242-2501

Email: garyjbraun@gmail.com

Gary and Lynn are originally from Minnesota and now reside for most of the year in Young Harris GA. They will be with us seasonally. Gary is retired from the State of MN Department of Agriculture; Lynn worked for Caterpillar Inc for many years. They enjoy traveling, biking, cards and board games. A wonderful note: Gary and Lynn were high school sweethearts that went their separate ways.  They reunited after 45 years when they met on Facebook and are now married!  Welcome to Tanglewood.

Meet Gordon (Gordie) & Mary Ellen Rowe

830 Crocodile Ct (Outback)

Cells: 989-277-9018; 989-413-9955

Hailing from Durand MI, Gordie and Mary Ellen are in their 5th Wheel and will be with us seasonally. Gordie is an automotive engineer retired from GM; Mary Ellen is a retired medical biller. They enjoy golf, biking, knitting, woodworking and camping.  Married 41 years, they have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. We welcome you to Tanglewood.


Who To Contact?

The Welcome Committee has created a list of groups, clubs, committees, and other helpful information to help all new residents and/or those that have been here awhile learn what is available in Tanglewood. We call this the “Who to Contact” list. This is updated throughout the year as new groups, clubs or committees are formed and information of existing groups change. Note the date on the right hand bottom of the document which shows the last date changed. All new residents that we visit are given a copy of this list but since this list can change, the latest version is on the Home page of Twrtimes. Just look on the left side under Upcoming Events and click on the Who to Contact March 1, 2019-February 29, 2020 link under Welcome Committee.

Leaving for the Summer or for a month or more?

For those that leave for the summer, we want to make sure people taking off for the summer or who will be gone a month or more have a copy of our Check Off List for Closing Your Tanglewood Home For The Summer_PDF.  This gives many tips on what needs to be done to make sure you find your home in good shape, when you return.

General Information For All New Residents
All new homeowners and those on the “lease to buy” program are visited in their home by a member of the Welcome Committee. A Welcome Bag is provided with information that will help them learn about what is going on in Tanglewood during that visit. Information about the surrounding area is also included with various giveaways from local banks, hospitals, and the Chamber of Commerce. Business cards and/or flyers from other Tanglewood residents who offer a product or service are also included as well as some outside vendors.

Be our guests at Monday Morning Coffee in the main clubhouse at the Welcome Table starting at 8 AM. Just look for the big yellow welcome sign on the table near the front door inside the hall. Get introduced to everyone, have your picture taken and learn what will be going on in the park. It is also a great time to ask any questions you may have. Please bring your badge and coffee cup. The Monday Morning Coffee meeting starts at 8:30 AM. What is going to happen in the upcoming week(s) is announced. If any changes are made on the weekly calendar, it is also announced at this time. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and become a part of the community whether you are here for a short time or forever!

If you are a new RVer in the Outback, please join us at the Welcome Table at 8 AM. We want to meet and greet you. New arriving RVers can go to the RV/Business Office to check in during normal business hours or call 863-585-1071, if arriving after hours. A Welcome Committee member, welcomes all first-time 6 month RVers bringing. WE give them a packet of information relevant to RVers and a drink cooler with the TW logo on it, provided by HTA.

Tickets for most events are sold before and after Coffee in the main hall. Many of the tickets are also available at the Activities Director’s Office during the weekdays. Want to pick up a customized Tanglewood Tervis Mug? Buy one from the Activities Director’s Office.

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