What can I Recycle??

Many of you have questions about what  you can and cannot recycle. Hopefully this will clear things up for you.  Place items into the container LOOSE, not in grocery bags or garbage bags.


NEWSPAPERS and all inserts

MAGAZINES, all types…but no metal or thick binders

JUNK MAIL, even w/windows…but no thick envelopes with bubble wrap or metal clasps

OFFICE PAPER, even w/staples…but no metal binders or plastic sleeves

CARDBOARD: corrugated, cereal boxes, cake, soda boxes all okay…but not with food, grease, wax, Styrofoam, packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

ALUMINUM: soda/beer cans…but not large scrap aluminum, foil or foil trays

STEEL CANS: soup/veggie cans are okay

MILK JUGS are fine


SODA BOTTLES such as soda or water or Gatorade bottles but NO GLASS and no lightbulbs

Please rinse your bottles and cans before recycling.

PLASTIC #3-7 including food trays, syrup bottles, cool whip tubs …but not #1 or #2, nor waxed coated food containers, plastic bags, electronics or shrink wrap.

Hazardous wastes such as paints and batteries are collected twice a year.

Electronic waste such as old televisions, phones, computers, printers, CD players, etc. should be taken to the Skipper Road recycling center.

OTHER PROHIBITED ITEMS: Plastic bags, stretch film, hoses, ropes, blankets, clothing, windshields, mirrors, electronic scrap, pressurized containers, shoes, rubber, organic waste (plants, dirt, trees), light bulbs, porcelain, glass, hazardous waste, hazardous liquids, chemicals, dog food bags, automotive parts, wood, pillows, blinds, food waste, diapers, pool solar blankets, patio furniture, combustibles, corrosives, etc.

Last Clue:  The Limerick !

Last Clue: the Limerick

Find the widest oak tree in the park
With vines ‘round the carport making it dark.
Unbothered, no worries.
You’ll find Gned in a hurry
At the Battle of Vlaardingen, hark!

Okay, got it?  Go find Gned and send us the location!  editor@twrtimes.com


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