BBBL Winter Season Opening Nights

It’s just about that time again! The Bean Bag Baseball Winter Season Opening Nights are just around the corner. Two leagues, two different nights, and two different times….AND more teams in on the fun. Bean Bag Baseball is Sponsored by the Diversions Committee.

While we keep standings and have a tournament to decide a winner, these are fun leagues. You play for free and have the opportunity to win ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Let’s get to our 2 leagues….

BBBL NORTH…A 12 team League with OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, January 2/2020 @ 6:30pm (Previously known as the Snowbird League, although you don’t need to be a snowbird to play)

The North moves to Thursday evenings with games starting at 6:30pm, a new night and start time.  The North also plays 7 inning games…any games tied after 7 innings remain a tie, and earn a team 1pt. The North has 2 Co-Commishes, John Zeiger and Mick Karchinski.

BBBL-SOUTH…The South has expanded again with presently 14 teams, and possibly more. OPENING NIGHT: Wednesday, January 8/2020 at 6pm (Previously known as the full time resident league, but you don’t have to be a full time resident, you get the idea) The South remains on Wednesday night and also remains with 6 inning games.  Ties are the same, after 6 innings if tied they stay as a tie. The South has yours truly as the Commish and I’m also the  Diversions Committee ‘lead’ of the BBBL.

Each week residents not on a team that wish to play are invited to sign the FREE AGENT sheet that will be available by the table near the Tech Booth.  This list is on a first come basis and fills in teams that might be short players for the evening only. Both nights, Wednesday and Thursday offer this list. While all attempts will be made to place players on the list, we can’t guarantee it, so come early (hint hint)


See You At The Clubhouse!

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