Fairmount Ale House

The New Place in Town

Submitted by Selena Freeland
​​​​​Should we go, or should we wait?

Fairmount Ale House

That seems to be the big question when thinking about the long awaited and newly opened Fairmount’s Ale House.
If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant during the grand opening or even in the first month or so of their first day you can pretty much expect things will be less than perfect.
When we went Friday, December 27, we were greeted with open doors and the roar of fans being used to remove the smoke that had built up due to some exhaust issues.


Fried Cod Special

The Mister had The Friday Special which was a generous portion of Atlantic Cod that is beer battered and deep fried till golden brown, a  house salad, slaw, and fries all for $13.  Though not a Mexican restaurant I enjoyed the

Chicken Fajitas

chicken fajitas which came with all the fixings including a house salad for $9. Our waiter, Ry, was a gem and took good care of us.
The final menu has not been decided upon so you’ll be given a 4-5 page stapled paper menu to make your selections.  There is a wide variety of items to suit any craving you may have – appetizers, wings, burgers, wraps, chicken sandwiches, salads, steaks, pastas and freshly made in-house  desserts to

Oh man oh man!

name a few!  Prices at this point range from $6 – $20 with the offerings being typical bar/ale house fare.
But wait!  Fairmount’s is an Ale House after all so YES they do have 32 craft beers/ales on tap or iced up ready for you to enjoy along with a full bar.  After a very busy weekend they were out of many of the beers on our second trip back Monday, the 30th. The beers/ales will change up from time to time once they’re up and running.  We tried the pick 3 appetizers that included jalapeño poppers, chicken tenders, and fried pickles.  They were out of the mozzarella sticks.

Most seating areas are a step or two up or down, but the main area when you walk in has about 6-7 tables available that doesn’t require navigating the steps.  Tables and chairs are larger than most restaurants and they’re able to put several together to accommodate a large group. There is a separate room with pool tables and a few video games and another bar for service in that room.  There are TV’s galore in the main bar area in case you don’t want to miss the next big sporting event.
We definitely will go back and give them another try in a month or so.  All in all we enjoyed both trips even though they were less than perfect.
Fairmount’s Ale House is located at 3750 US 27 North (former Yanni’s location)
Hours are 11 am – 2 am 7 days a week.

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