TMAC December 2019 Minutes

TMAC Minutes, December 18, 2019

The regularly scheduled TMAC meeting was called to order promptly at 3 PM by Chairman Tom McKeever. We rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting was broadcast out to the community on Comcast channel 195.

Shirley Kabet was approved as Assistant Secretary for today’s meeting. A roll call was taken, with 20 committees having representation present. Decorating, Model Yacht, Petanque, Trips & Travel, and Welcome had no one present.

The Minutes of the November meeting were approved.

TMAC Treasurer Marilyn Schoppenhorst’s only report was that the end of the fiscal year is approaching, and committees whose funds revert to TMAC in February had better spend what they need to now.

Darlene Bradley was not present to give the Manager’s Report.

Activities Director Billie Pimentel-Lopez reported that the Christmas hams will be distributed Friday from 9 – 12.

Also on Friday is Let’s Talk, Tanglewood at 2 PM. January 21 will be a Hot Coals and Cool Music Bash, and Resident Appreciation Days will be at the end of March as usual. The theme this year is “Roaring Twenties”.

Pam Batey asked about scheduling activities so far in advance that new ideas have trouble finding a time and place. Tom offered to meet with Billie to discuss this issue, and report back in January.

Committee Reports:

  • Bingo is going well, but will be needing a new Treasurer and Secretary next year.
  • Computer Club: Meets the fourth Friday of the month, new members always welcome.
  • Country Breakfast: Will serve 230 people this Saturday, and in January will prepare the pancakes and sausages donated by Hometown America.
  • Dance: 1] Raised over $1000 and collected 4 large trash bags of toys for the disadvantaged kids in the county. 2] New Year’s Eve tickets are being sold at Monday Coffees. 3] Tickets for Hypersona and the Joe Friday Band will be presold starting January 13.
  • Decorating: No report.
  • Diversions: 1] In the past month they ran the Garage Sale, Sevens, and the Golf Cart Christmas Parade and Party. 67 carts in this year’s parade. 2] Bean Bag Baseball crowned their Fall Champions. Upcoming events for January: 3] Theatre on a Dime casting call for the March play will be January 3, 2-4 PM. 4] Sevens continues every second Monday of the month, numbers are growing. 5] Vendor Fair, January 11. 6] Cupcake Caper will run concurrently, sign up on the credenza for either event. 7] Tangled Trivia (Beta version) on January 25. 8] Spelling Bee Jan. 28, excellent cash prizes.
  • Genealogy Club: Will hold another Heirloom and Antique Fair on February 5. The next meeting will be on January 9 at 10 AM. Topics for discussion are being organized.
  • Glass Shop: All the January classes are full. They thank Hometown for paying for the new floor mats.
  • Library: Participated in the Fall Garage Sale and ran the Snack Bar. They are investigating getting another bookshelf built by the Wood Shop.
  • Model Yacht Club: No report.
  • Monday Coffee: No complaints.
  • Petanque: No report.
  • Pickleball: 1] They are planning the Winter Classic Tournament for February 21-23. This year they want to include some professional players. 2] Hometown was thanked for cleaning up around the courts, and they are considering laying a golf cart parking lot for the courts. 3] The committee has purchased and installed an AED, new benches, squeegees and blowers.
  • Pot Luck: 53 enjoyed the December meal. Decorating was thanked for the centerpieces.
  • Shuffleboard: Plays every Monday – Friday at 10 AM, weather permitting.
  • Special Events: Thanked the Tech Committee and Hometown for the updated equipment. In January the shows are Hits of the Brits on the 12th and Get Ready on the 19th.
  • Special Meals: No meal in December, January will feature lasagna. Tickets are on sale now.
  • Table Games: Will be hosting a New Year’s Eve card party. Bring $1 and a dish to share. See Jeanette Stevens for information.
  • Tech Support: The new projectors and screens are mostly installed, and the bugs are being worked out. They thank Hometown for finally making this happen. Remember to get your tech worker requests in before the Friday before the 4th Monday of the month.
  • Tennis: Currently playing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 AM. Will expand to 5 days a week when needed, new members of all levels are invited. The courts are in sad shape, need to be resurfaced. Chairman Gerry Humphrey has submitted an order for work.
  • Trips & Travel: No report.
  • TWRTimes: Still enjoys excellent readership. The Find the Gnome contest will return for one month only in January.
  • Water Volleyball: They provided manpower to load the ARC truck after the Garage Sale.
  • Welcome: No report
    Wood Shop: No problems, they are talking to the Library people about building a bookcase for them.

Unfinished Business: Ed Harris of Table Games has the prices for the new card tables he needs. Amazon has the best price, $51.11 apiece for 36” square tables. He asked for 15 new tables, for a total of $766.65. After a little discussion Dennis Tewksbury moved we allow him up to $800 for his purchase. A paper vote was taken, motion passed unanimously.

New Business: None.

Comments From the Audience: Nate Brown asked for a clarification on the “Badges Required” policy. Yup, they are required for any event that provides food, drink, cash prizes for games or contests, or just about anything else.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45. Next meeting is scheduled for January 15.

Submitted for approval,
Shirley Kabet, Assistant Secretary
December 18, 2019

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