Kings And Queens Decided

Petanque’s Annual Kings & Queens Tournament for 2020 is in the books.  The tournament had to be held a week late due to rainy weather.  The participants came dressed for the 40-degree temperatures that greeted them for the 9 am start.

In regular daily games, the teams are made up of both men and women.  For the Kings & Queens Tournament, it is men versus women.  Team members are selected via the “Luck of the Draw” as in all the tournaments with the exception of next month’s Pick Your Own Team Tournament.

By noon on Saturday the field was narrowed from 20 teams to 8 teams in this game of inches with four teams.

For the championship game at 1 pm the winners of the semifinals were then assigned a court.  Each of the four teams had earned their right to play by winning very close matches.

The Queens were the top winners and took home the crown of the A Flight match.  Marge Boprey, Janice Arden, Angie Coleman, and Cheryl Burham earned their crowns beating Jerry Donalson, Bob Thulin, Bobby Mills, and Daryl Warttig.

The Kings were the winners of the B flight game this year.  Charlie Gilmore, Ernie Patryluk, Larry Bowman, and Bob Bryant took honors over Patty Weidner, Sandy Radawiec, Laura Keeler, Evalyn Gust.

As usual it was a fun day at the petanque courts.  Always lots of laughter and of course hot dogs fresh from the grill.


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