The 2020 Michigan State Party

The 2020 Michigan State Party…. WOW what a great group of fun loving people!

The volunteers and the organization were so well organized perfectly. There were so many pitching in to help. Many were there with beautiful State of Michigan T-Shirts. There were a 139 “Michiganites” attending.

Great music provided and pictures up on the screens of previous Michigan Party attendees being enjoyed by all. This is biggest number to attend yet. Some had to be turned away as they forgot to buy their tickets on time and the caterers just did not have time to add more food. Bet they won’t forget next time.

In chatting with some of the attendees, I learned what a great state Michigan really is. I always just related it to the Auto Industry…… But not so! They say, and they just love to tell you stories about their beautiful state.

Located in the center of the Great Lakes, you can find Light houses, Michigan State University, Down Hill Skiing, Hiking etc. etc. Beautiful fall colors on the trees, lots of winter sports and the beautiful lakes.

Michigan people are so proud of their state and well they should be. Those attending were from 50-90 years old all having a laughing and happy fun time.

The Door Prize Table above was beautiful, everything pertained to Michigan. Some things made by the attendees.
Also one prize was a beautiful Petoskey Stone bracelet, the State Stone. Michigan was covered with a shallow Sea of coral colonies about 350 million years ago, which produced this beautiful stone.

Many of pictures of Michigan were supplied by Herm and Freda who are visitors here, from Michigan of course.

Congratulations Michigan for a Great 2020 party!

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