Living Lessons from Our Dying Savior – Committed To the End (Part 6 of 6)

Living Lessons from our Dying Savior (Part 6) “Committed To The End” (Lk.23:46)

Theme: Commitment to Faith

Introduction: As we focus our eyes upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. (Heb.12:2) We hear in His final words, are words expressing His commitment to faith and faithfulness.

If we will listen closely, and reflect on His words, I believe we’ll see there are at least five living insights that Jesus had in His life that we need in ours.  These five things not only led Jesus to His committed faithfulness all the way to the end. But, if we’ll make them apart of our lives, they will help us to stay committed to end as well. So, what are these five things Jesus had?

Conclusion: This issue of a being committed to our faith and faithfulness is certainly very important!  Jesus words teach us what being totally committed to end looks like.  And, as we look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith and hear His final words expressing His faith, we see His example and gain living insight into what He had in His life that we need in ours:

If we add these up and implement them into our lives like Jesus did, we’ll have no problems staying faithfully committed to end just like Jesus!

Listening Guide Living Lessons from our Dying Savior – Committed To the End Part 6

Sermon – Committed To The End April 5, 2020


Living Lessons from our Dying Savior (Part 5) “It is Finished”  (Jn. 19:30)

Theme: Finishing well

Introduction: The final words Jesus spoke as He was dying on the cross provide us with living insight into how Jesus dealt with the struggles, pains, problems and purpose for His life. And, by hearing them, we can gain that same living insight into how we can do the same with our lives. All of Jesus words were powerful. When Jesus spoke people were amazed at His authority and power (Mt. 7:28,29). Yet, of all the words Jesus spoke, perhaps none are as profound as these words spoken from the cross “It is finished!” Jesus spoke these words, they were words of conquest . “It is finished” is a victory shout! When Jesus said “It is finished!” He didn’t say He was finished; He said “It” (i.e.) God’s plan and purpose for His life was completed!

These were the final words of Jesus on the cross, which leads us to ask, “What living insight can these dying words of our Savior bring to us today?” (Let me say…) I believe God has a plan for every life and His plan should be our purpose! I believe when we stand before the Lord we should be able to say as Jesus did, “It is finished!” (Jn. 19:30)

Lord, I followed Your will and I completed my course. “It is finished!”

In order to do this we must acknowledge three things that Jesus journey to the cross and our journey in life have in common:

Conclusion: When we understand God’s plan is providential and perfect and when we follow it Positive things will happen – we can be confident that being faithful to God’s plan will bring us to an end like Jesus – where we too can say with confidence, “It is Finished!”

How do I do this today? 

Accept today God has a providential plan for your life –

Give thanks to God today for His ability to work perfectly through everything in your life (good and bad)

Focus on the good that will come from your commitment to trust and obey Him as you finish what he has called you to.

Listening Guide Living Lessons from our Dying Savior – It is Finished Part 5

To start the video of the full Church Service with Sermon – It is Finished March 29, 2020 click on the links below.

Full Church Service and Sermon It is Finished March 29, 2020


Living Lessons from our Dying Savior (Part 4) “Never Alone!” (Mt. 27:46)

Theme: Loneliness

Introduction: Loneliness is an experience that we have all had at one time or another. Loneliness is that painful inner emptiness that may last for a few moments or persist for a longtime (For some even a lifetime). If you have or are suffering from loneliness, you’re not alone. Sociologist Robert Weiss estimates that a quarter of the American population feels extremely lonely at some time during any given month.  As we consider the last words of Jesus life, we see even Jesus suffered with loneliness. Because, His expression of loneliness was among His last words, I think it’s important to discuss it and see how as Christians we can address the problem with loneliness and gain living insights for us today. To do this effectively we need to begin with an obvious question.

Conclusion: When you’re feeling lonely remember – Jesus promised He would never leave you or forsake you! (Heb.13:5)  And, as we look to the cross and listen to our Lord’s last words, we gain this living lesson. When dealing with loneliness, look for the cause, turn to Christ and trust Him to lead you to the course of action necessary to eliminate the problem of loneliness from your life

Listening Guide Living Lessons from our Dying Savior – Never Alone Part 4

To start the video of the full Church Service with Sermon – Never Alone! March 22, 2020 click on the link below.

Full Church Service and Sermon Never Alone! March 22, 2020 


Living Lessons from our Dying Savior (Part 3) “The Family Care Plan” (John 19:25-27)

Theme: Concern for family

Introduction: As we read the account of the crucifixion of our Lord, we are looking for more than just a historical account of what happened. We are listening to His last words so that we can gain insight into our living for today. We can see Jesus has a few things on His mind (Such as forgiveness and salvation). But, interestingly, another thing on His mind is family relationships. His words show us just how important family relationships are to Christ that He would mention them in His final words. You may recall, the premise of this sermon series is that the final words of a person near death are important words, deliberate words, words that we would benefit from by paying carefully attention to. So, I believe it would profit us to hear Jesus’ words about “the family care plan” and make some applications to our life.

Conclusion: Since Jesus spent His last breath on the cross focused on relationships and the family care plan, then we should make our family (physical and spiritual) relationships a priority in our life.

How are you doing at making the family care plan a priority in your life today?

Listening Guide Living Lessons from our Dying Savior – The Family Care Plan Part 3

Sermon The Family Care Plan March 15, 2020 


Living Lessons from our Dying Savior (Part 2) “The Promise of Paradise” (Luke 23: 39-43)

Theme: Salvation

Introduction: What living lessons can the statements of a dying Savior communicate to us that will help us today?  Certainly our Lord’s prayer for forgiveness of those who crucified Him provides us with a pattern of how we are to respond to those who mistreat us. But, then there is the promise of paradise to a penitent thief which gives us a great hope for those we know and love that still need to be saved. (There is still hope!) The truth is, no matter how far you, a family member or a friend may have drifted from God I want you to know today: (There is still hope that they can be saved!) Nowhere is this truth better illustrated than in out text. And, as we consider the events on the cross at Calvary, we are reminded of three truths and one encouraging fact for those who are still witnessing, praying for and reaching out to lost loved ones and friends who need to saved. There is still hope!

Conclusion: Maybe you’re here today and through the work of the Holy Spirit, Word of God and The witness of the life of Christ – you are ready to believe! (Like the dying thief, won’t you turn to and call upon Jesus and be saved today? (Rom. 10:13)  Maybe you have loved ones, friends, or neighbor who you know have not believed yet. I have good news. No matter how far your family member or a friend or neighbor may have drifted from God I want you to know today, there is still hope!  The living lesson we have from these last words of our dying Savior is, for those who remain, never give up! There is still hope!  Let’s do our best to get them to Jesus while they still have a chance!

Listening Guide Living Lessons from our Dying Savior – The Promise of Paradise Part 2

Sermon The Promise of Paradise March 8, 2020



Living Lessons from our Dying Savior (Part 1) “Father, Forgive Them” (Luke 23:34)

Theme: Forgiveness

Introduction: The Bible gives wonderful examples of the power of speech and encourages us in Prov 25:11 “A word aptly spoken is apples of gold in settings of silver.” As we all know, words are powerful…especially dying words. Last words can reveal a great deal about a person. As we near Easter Sunday, we will be looking back at some of the famous last words Jesus spoke from the cross. As our Savior faced the greatest crisis of His suffering and death on the cross these words give us living lessons from our dying Savior. Words that will help us face the crisis, struggles and the hurts of this life. I think we can all agree, that as believers, we are to make a serious and concerted effort to face life’s crisis, responsibilities and opportunities as our Lord did.  Some of the last words Jesus uttered while hanging from the cross were words of forgiveness. In the Old Testament, forgiveness is divine and there is little human forgiveness found. But, in the New Testament, Jesus added some new elements as He taught about forgiveness.

Conclusion: When we look at Jesus practicing forgiveness from the cross, we have to stop and ask – If He was willing and able to do that while undergoing the most severe of all mistreatment and knowing He did it for me – how can I not offer forgiveness to others who have mistreated me? So, Jesus’ dying words remind us, as we live for Him. If Jesus could forgive His offenders, with God’s help, we too can forgive those who offend us!

Listening Guide Living Lessons from our Dying Savior – Father Forgive Them Part 1

Sermon Father Forgive Them March 1, 2020



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