Tree of Honor Adds Three New Leaves

A half dozen residents have been nominated and three were selected for the Tree of Honor (now in the new Library).  These folks exhibited exceptional service to the Tanglewood community, each in his or her own way.

Bob the Commish

Leading the 2020 list of Very Fine People is Bob Larocque.  Currently Chair of Diversions, Bob also is the “Commish” of the Bean Bag Baseball Leagues, a very time-consuming job,  He has acted in nearly every one of Theatre on a Dime’s productions.  And in his spare time he is the Sports Editor for the TWRTimes, helps with the Petanque tournaments, drives people to the doctor as a Tanglewood Transporter, takes and picks up folks from different airports, and a couple of years ago, he could be seen (if you looked up) tarping roofs damaged by Hurricane Irma. And besides all that, he’s a pretty decent fella.  Congratulations, Bob.

The second honoree is another all-around worker, Heather Paine.  Miss Heather is

Heather Paine

the Treasurer of the Computer Club, a Mentor to those who are technologically challenged, and the Secretary of the Dog Club.  Heather is an organizer par excellence.  She helped schedule the Line Dances, but the biggest jewel in her crown is the RV Club’s annual Christmas Food Drive.  She recruits volunteers and donations to man the tables at the Craft Fair, raising a bunch of money (all right, I don’t know exactly how much, but it was a bunch) by selling crafts, baked goodies, and the new and popular States Basket raffles.  In October Heather is a huge asset to the Diversions Committee’s Lip Synch Contest, which is also a fund raiser for the Heartland Food Bank.  She can design the program, get it printed, recruit help to set up the chairs, sell the tickets, and run the 50/50.  As one of her proponents said, “Heather will accept almost any kind of challenge and see it through to the end.”  Congratulations, Heather.

Joan Rulli

And our third honoree passed this life a couple of years ago, but she is still remembered for her outgoing personality and team spirit.  Joan Rulli saw the value in camaraderie and could often be found at dances introducing herself to newcomers, inviting them to her table.  She is the one who pushed for “early night” sales to Tanglewood residents at the garage sales.  And she is said to be instrumental in keeping the Friday Friends (Now Tanglewood Friends) together after the original couple left.  She also performed on stage in several of TAG’s plays. Congratulations, Joan.

These and a few other nominations were made by your fellow residents.  Once a year they are reviewed by a small committee and this is the result.  Go view the Tree of Life painted on the wall of the new Library, and start thinking about who you’d like to see up there next year.  Nomination forms are available at Billie’s office.

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