Announcement: Update: Tanglewood Management Announcements 03-30-20

Darlene Bradley, Tanglewood Park Manager, and TMAC President Sharon Gilmore spoke to the community again on Monday, March 30.  It was broadcast on Comcast channel 195, and a link will be updated below.

Here is the link to the Tanglewood Management Announcements 03-30-20 video.

Sharon spoke first.

  • When you leave for the summer, be sure you pick up all the stuff in your yard that may blow around when our storms come.  This includes flags, small flowerpots, garden gnomes and the like.
  • Don’t throw your trash – beer cans, soda cups, cigarette butts – ANYWHERE but where it belongs.  We are a premium resort, NOT a “trailer park”.
  • Even small gatherings at the Petanque courts and beanbag baseball games are prohibited at this time.
  • The November Trips & Travel Amtrak trip to Savannah has been cancelled.
  • For reliable information, read the TWRTimes, especially the “Management News” section.
  • These Monday podcasts will continue as long as necessary.

Darlene spoke next.

  • Make sure the office has your correct phone number programmed into the gate.  If anything has changed, send them a correction.
  • But when you call the office, be aware they are very busy right now and you may have to leave a message.  Speak your name and phone number clearly.
  • There are 2 drop boxes at the Office for checks and keys.
  • We are taking no new reservations for the RV Park at this time.  No new people are being allowed in.
  • If you are returning to your Tanglewood home from one of the hot spots of virus, you are to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.  Do not expose your neighbors to illness!
  • Even if you’ve never left the park, stay home as much as possible and keep your distance.
  • Next Door Tanglewood can be a valuable resource for information, but it is also prone to pettiness and wrong information.  Don’t spread rumors.  Do some research as to the veracity of anything you read, especially if it doesn’t sound right.  Don’t forward anything that is unkind.
  • We now have access to an online account portal to facilitate rent payments, and more.  Information will be sent out soon via email, texts, and phone calls.
  • Continue to pray for the scientists working to contain the virus, all who are exposed, and all who are ill.

There will be another broadcast next Monday morning at 9 AM.  In the meantime, if you have any questions for Darlene, email her at or 









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