Tai Chi Moves Outdoors, Try it Free

Tai Chi class moves outside into the sunshine and is open to all Tanglewood residents.
20 minutes of valuable low impact exercise movements – standing or sitting for all ages.
Safe in the open air with plenty of room for personal distance.

To help all in the community during this time of health crisis free tai chi energy warmups and exercise in the bash area Tuesday morning and Friday morning at 9:00 AM (weather permitting).

Starting Tuesday, if you wish to come to the first 20 minutes of class free you can enjoy the health benefits of the Tai Chi Qigong exercise. Valued for centuries for helping remove energy blocks to maintain healthy bodies and minds.

Those wishing to stay for the traditional class for beginners to learn more of the form and additional aspects of Tai chi for structure, breathing, balance, and mobility will require proper foot attire and class registration. Class for advanced practitioners still at 10:00 AM.
Additional information call Bill Garrison at 954-336-3831.

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