Meanwhile, Back at Tanglewood: March 25, 2020

Meanwhile, Back at Tanglewood: March 25, 2020

Meanwhile, back at Tanglewood, we are staying busy. “Read, read, read!”, BookTalking feature writer for the TWR Times, Kristie Plank, exclaimed. Kristie is an avid reader even in good times when all the Tanglewood activities are up and running. I would suggest that one way to whet your appetite for choosing a new book would be to go to the Features column at the top of the TWR Times Home Page, click and then click again on the BookTalking feature.  There you can read book reviews that Kristie has written each month.  

Many of you may already use electronic books and audio books. As convenient as these types of word consumption are, I would like to say there is nothing more satisfying than curling up with a hot cup of tea and a paperback or hardcover book.  It is nice to have several books going at once.  Maybe a poetry anthology, a devotional and the Bible, an uplifting novel, a finance or self-improvement book, a history or biography book, and the Reader’s Digest are a few that might be in that rotating pile on your nightstand. 

It has been scientifically shown that the written word, with margins around the perimeter, is easy on the eyes and stimulating to the mind in ways that screens simply are not. Libraries are closed so, you can pull out old favorites or give a shot at a book you own but never started. If you want a deep night of sleep, relax and read before you turn out the light tonight.

Editor’s Note:  Until the libraries reopen, trade books with your friends.  Maybe one of their “old favorites” will become your “New Favorite.”

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