The Splendor of Heaven – “The Truth About Eternal Life” (Part 8 of 8)

The Splendor of Heaven (Part 8) “The Truth About Eternal Life” (Jn.14:3)

Theme: What will we do forever in heaven?

Introduction: In this final message, I want us to examine the “The Truth About Eternal Life” – What will we be doing for eternity?

Conclusion: As the little boy said – “Won’t it get boring just sitting around in church singing and praising God forever?” But heaven is going to be so much more! It is something you won’t want to miss!

COME! Ensure heaven is where you’ll spend your eternal life.

Listening Guide The splendor of Heaven – The Truth about Eternal Life Part 8

Sermon “The Truth About Eternal Life” for June 14, 2020




The Splendor of Heaven (Part 7) “If Heaven’s So Great, Why Do We Need a New One?”  (Rev. 21:1)

Theme: What about the new heaven and the new earth

Introduction: Deut 29:29 declares, “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.” While we may not know or understand all there is to know about why God will re-do heaven. We do have enough information in God’s Word to see that God promises to one day dissolve the old heaven and earth. We are also given a description of the new heaven and earth. And, looking forward to the delight we will have in them should indeed shape and altar our lives. Let’s look at what we can know from God’s word about this topic.

Conclusion: We may not know why God will recreate heaven and earth. But, we know He has promised to do so – and the information He has given us in His word is meant to help shape and altar our present lives. What will we do with what we know today?

Listening Guide -The splendor of Heaven – If Heaven’s So Great, Why Do We Need a New One Part 7


Sermon “If Heaven’s So Great, Why Do We Need a New One?” for June 7, 2020


The Splendor of Heaven (Part 6) “Going Up!” (John 14:3; 1 Thes. 4:16-18)

Theme: How will those not taken in death get to heaven?

Introduction: Did you know some folks are going up to heaven without dying? Today, we want to look at how some are going to get to heaven and escape death doing it. I want us to see how this is possible by looking at a term “Rapture” (i.e.) “catching away.” This term is not used in the Bible, but the event it describes (Which is the return of Jesus and the physical calling up or catching away of all those who are in Christ dead and alive), is. In scripture there is over-whelming evidence of this event. So, let’s begin with…


Conclusion: There is great comfort and encouragement in these words for the one who knows for sure they are “Going up,” and heaven is going to be their eternal home. Why, because they believe in the promise and prophecy of the rapture. And they are living like they are looking for the purpose and particulars of the rapture to be fulfilled.

This is the next great event on God’s calendar of events and it could happen today, tonight, tomorrow or in the next ten years. We don’t know when it will happen, but we can know we’re ready for it.  Are you?

Listening Guide The splendor of Heaven – Going Up Part 6

Sermon “Going Up!” (Part 6) for May 31, 2020


The Splendor of Heaven (Part 5 of 8) “Have Those Gone From Earth Gone To Heaven?” (2 Cor. 5:8)

Theme: Where are my dead loved ones now?

Introduction: “Is my loved one in heaven right now?” If you have ever lost a loved one to death, you no doubt have grappled with this question or; “What happens to us after we die?” This is one of the “all-time” great questions of humanity. In order for us to answer this all-time great question we need to consider three things:

Conclusion: If we accept the Bible as the Word of God, we can have this confidence. Death is not the end of life. But, rather death is the beginning of a more abundant life for those in Christ. So, to be absent from this body does not mean to be wondering around this world as a bodiless spirit but, rather to be in a place. For the believer that place is in the presence of the Lord and loved ones who have gone on before.

Listening Guide The splendor of Heaven – Have Those Gone From Earth Gone To Heaven Part 5

Sermon “Have Those Gone From Earth Gone to Heaven” (Part 5) for May 24, 2020


The Splendor of Heaven (Part 4) “What’s so Great About Heaven?” (Part 2) (John 14:2,3)

Theme: What is not in Heaven?

Introduction: We normally equate heaven as being something great! And we should! Jesus uses the promise of the splendor of heaven in John’s gospel the 14th chapter, to comfort and encourage the disciples. John in the Revelation’s 21st chapter gives us a wonderful foretaste of the splendor of heaven. As believer’s we should be earnestly looking forward to our eternal state, realizing it will be an existence far superior to anything we could experience or imagine here on earth! But, did you know that what’s so great about heaven can also be explained by what is not there?

Conclusion: Heaven is to be equated with something great! And what makes heaven so great is, as we have seen all that will and will not be there! These are what’s so great about heaven!

Listening Guide The Splendor of Heaven – Part 4 , What’s so Great About Heaven (Part 2)

Sermon “What’s so Great About Heaven?” (Part 2) for May 17, 2020


The Splendor of Heaven (Part 3) “What’s so Great About Heaven?” (John 14:2,3)

Theme: What is in heaven?

Introduction: In the 14th chapter of John’s gospel, Jesus on the eve of His death and departure is assuring His disciples that these events are all a necessary part of God’s eternal plan. Here He gives them many supernatural promises. Among them is the promise of “The Splendor of Heaven,” Well, what’s so great about the promise of heaven?

Conclusion: I know I am looking forward to the great promise of heaven. Will you be there?


The Splendor of Heaven – What’s so Great About Heaven Part 3

Sermon What’s so Great About Heaven (Part 3) May 3, 2020


The Splendor of Heaven (Part 2) “Show Me the Way to Heaven” (John 14:6)

Theme: How one gets to Heaven

Introduction: If we were to paraphrase Thomas’s response to Jesus, (v.5) it would sound like this: “Show me the way to heaven!” And Jesus responded in (v.6) that He is the way, truth and the life. But, can a person really be sure they are going to heaven? Yes!However, scripture is very clear about three things…

Conclusion: Heaven is certainly going to be a great place to spend eternity. But, can a person really be sure they are going to heaven?If they know the way – they’ll be going.  If the know the truth – they’ll be knowing God now and, anticipating seeing Him there. And, until we get there, If they know the life – they’ll be growing abundantly in this life and looking forward to eternal life

Listening Guide The splendor of Heaven – Show me the way to Heaven Part 2

Sermon – Show Me the Way to Heaven (Part 2) April 26, 2020 


The Splendor of Heaven (Part 1 of 8) “A Place Called Heaven” (John 14:2)

Theme: Is heaven just a state or is it a real place?

Introduction: The 14th chapter of John’s gospel is one of the most crucial passages in the Bible. On the night before Jesus death, the disciples are confused. In the midst of this confusion, Jesus assures the disciples that His absence is only a temporary interruption and a part of God’s eternal plan. Jesus comforts the disciples by giving them many supernatural promises. In this sermon series, we want to examine just one of those promises. “The Splendor of Heaven.”

Conclusion: Are you going to heaven? The truth is friend – Jesus went to a place called heaven, He is there now, working, preparing us a place in heaven, and He is waiting for the Father to say – “Go get Our children and bring them home to heaven.”

Listening Guide The Splendor of Heaven – Is heaven just a state or is it a real place Part 1

Sermon – A Place Called Heaven (Part 1) April 19, 2020



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