Tanglewood Hits Another Home Run

As many of you know the RV Club has sponsored food drives for many years. So as you are all aware, we give the money to the Heartland Food Bank because they are able to pick up donated food and buy food at wholesale prices through Feeding America.  Every dollar donated to them goes so much further because they can get much more food with the money. They then distribute the food to many of the churches and food distribution centers right here in Highlands County.

When we spoke with them they were really desperate to raise money to meet the growing need for food in our area.  In many families both parents are out of work.  The working poor became the out-of-work poor.

Mary & Fran Van Hooreweghe, Ruth Barron

Heather Paine, Ruth Barron, and Bill and Nancy Mills discussed this serious community problem.  We asked all of our generous Tanglewood residents to help raise money for the Heartland Food Bank by writing a check, bringing it to the Mills home on Lazy Days Lane, and placing it in the donation jar. This virus has hurt so many people.  We wanted to show everyone the true Tanglewood spirit that has always stepped up to help our community.

We wanted to collect checks payable to the Heartland Food Bank for two weeks so we could get them money as soon as possible.  We need to say a big THANK YOU to the residents of Tanglewood who donated to feed the hungry. You certainly did hit that home run.  We were able to present Mary Van Hooreweghe from the Heartland Food Bank with an envelope containing checks and cash totaling $6,200. Mary had tears in her eyes when she saw the total that was donated.  I think we shed a few tears with her. Tanglewood is a wonderful, caring place and does a lot for Highlands County.

Heather, Bill Mills, Mary & Fran Van Hooreweghe, Ruth, Nancy Mills

Someone asked us if they could still donate to this cause.  If for any reason you were unable to get your check in by April 30th, you can still mail a check payable to the Heartland Food Bank to Heather Paine at 2610 Lazy Days Lane, or to Ruth Barron at 517 Wilderness Circle.  We will see that any additional checks go to them, and will add the amount to our
total.  Again, *THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!*

Submitted by Ruth Barron

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