Mom’s, We Honor You May 10, 2020 Sermon

Mom’s, We Honor You  Exodus 20:12

Introduction: The Ten Commandments are the hub of all of Israel’s religious and civil laws. They consist of two parts. The first half pertains to the relationship of the Israelites with God. And, the second half with the social relationships within the covenant community. Before giving these 10 stipulations, God spoke of His unique relationship with His people (I am the LORD your God, 20:2a). For God’s people, the Ten Commandments are an excellent summary of 10 divine rules for human conduct. Out of these 10 commandments, only one (the one that commands us to honor our parents(not one day a year, but every day of the year), comes with a promise. Contrary to popular belief, the promise pertains to the nation not individuals. However, as the individuals go – so goes the nation.

So, today we have set aside this special day to acknowledge the honor our mom’s deserve not just on this day, but every day!

Conclusion: If you’re a mom today, we want to say thank you! (A mother’s work is never done).

If you are fortunate enough that your mom is still with you. Call her, love on her and honor her (not just today but every day you can).

You have something special and precious in our mom. Appreciate and enjoy her while you can.

If your mom is no longer with us, do something today to honor her and her memory.

If your physical mom wasn’t like this for you, thank God today that the Lord Himself desires to love you, care for you, guide and protect you like a mother does!

Honor Him today for all He has done for you.

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Sermon Mom”s We Honor You May 10, 2020 Sermon




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