Special Events Presents: 2020-21 !

The new season of Special Events shows has been finalized.  Wait no longer, here is what you’ll be seeing this year!

The dates are as follows for Special Events:
*November 8  –  The Atlantic City Boys.  Only the very shy will not find themselves
in the aisle.  This is an audience-friendly group and guaranteed to get you up
on your feet.
*November 22  – South of the Border – A tribute to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana
Brass.  Out of this world!
*December 6 – Christmas Program…J 3 Vocal Band – You don’t want to miss
this group with a full band.  They are from Florida and have performed
in many arenas.  They will certainly place you in the holiday spirit.
*January 10 – Charlie Mc Coy – a little bit of country.
*January 17 –  Florida Bee Gees – Wow, you don’t want to miss this one.
*January 31 – Jared Freiburg…if you thought Jerry Lee Lewis was out of control you have not seen Jared Freiburg…
*February 21 –  Elements – this group of performers will have you groovin to
their music.  Great band also and some of the best harmony ever.
*March 7 –  Emanon  – This performance showcases the finest musicians in
Highlands County; some of whom you will recognize as they have played in
the Broadway Lights Ensemble; along with a great vocalist.  They have just
finished performing at the College with a full house.
*March 21 – Good Vibrations – A tribute to the Beach Boys.  You definitely
don’t want to miss this one.
*April 4 – Comedy night –  Patrick and Matilda and Maryellen Hooper.
Make sure you bring tissues to catch your tears of laughter.

All shows are on Sunday evening.  Season tickets will go on sale as soon as
Monday morning coffee resumes.

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