Channel 195 News, Like it or Not

Hello all, I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. I have some unfortunate news today about channel 195.
Comcast has done some work to split the nodes in our community. As that was a complete rewiring when they put it in it did not include the wiring so we can broadcast Channel 195. At this point and time they are not sure how long, or if we will even ever be able to broadcast on Channel 195. I have made several phone calls and have had a technician out. We are doing everything we can to encourage them to do what needs to be done so we can begin broadcasting with 195.

We understand that this is a great inconvenience for all at this point. I promise I am doing everything in my power to resolve this issue.

I ask for patience and understanding at this time until we have a final resolution from Comcast.
Thank you,


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